The Future of Current Cards

What is happening everyone Shane here again to keep the WoF hype train rolling. There is a slight drought in news about Destiny currently going on right now. When in those seasons I tend to just stay hyped on the next set coming, while also making handfuls of fun tier 2 decks (which you can check out on SWDestinyDB on my profile Jankku Jankyard). One way I anticipate a new set dropping, is to look at what current cards have more potential moving forward. This is not just about what cards will go up in cash value (like the Handcrafted Light Bow rising drastically in price with the introduction of Yoda and Hondo two sets later), but which cards will start to become more competitive and viable. I am also going to be staying out of the box on this, obviously cards that are already tier 1 will most likely stay viable. Let’s dive in.

Image result for dr. aphra destinyDoctor Aphra has no where to go but up. If you have listened to me talk at all on our podcast, you will know my love for her knows no bounds. I mean, she has a 2 shield side!! But in all seriousness if a future set adds more droids, then Aphra can easily increase in viability. Triple 0 has yet to come out, and there are endless Droids in the Star Wars universe so the potential here can become crazy. I already have a blast dropping in Seeker Droids and BT-1 for 1 resource, and who knows what else we will get. I am keeping my eye on this card as we move forward with Block 2 of Destiny.


Image result for lookout post destiny

Lookout Post right now feels like it is in a weird spot. This is partly due to the stipulation of only being able to play it while you control the battlefield, but mainly because of the all modified indirect damage. Modified damage only on a card is a rough sell for me, but especially when that damage type has only been around for 1 set. In my opinion, cards with modified indirect damage (Auto cannon, Wedge Antilles, and Battle Droids) will all start to become slightly more playable as more cards come into the mix that offer black sides of this damage type. I am not saying that Lookout Post is going to be an auto include, for indirect decks, but people might not instantly pass on.

Image result for Finn Star wars destiny


Finn is another Legendary character that is not seeing much play. I think he has some serious potential, he has great dice sides and 11 health. He also is elite for only 16 points, so why is he not seeing play? It really is all about who he can pair with. Right now the first and best 2 options I can think of are Luke, Unlikely Hero, and Han, Savvy Smuggler. They are both elite for 14 and offer 2 black ranged sides, which can help Finn’s problem of not being able to resolve his modified range side often. The reason I think Finn is going to become more viable is because I think there are more partners for him on the horizon. We have already seen Cassian teased from WoF, and I think he fits in great with Finn.
Image result for final moment star wars destiny

Final Moment is a card I have day dreamed about for a long time. This card is such a long shot, but imagine pulling this off. Readying every character for one last chance at the kill and to get the win. The only reason I am including this is because overall, I see a resurgence of Red Hero coming in this next set. Yes that is just my high hope, but rebellions are built on hope right? This is most likely a card you have to build your deck around. You have to deal high damage and have your opponent on the fence, and then when they think they are safe and claim the battlefield, you drop this and go for the finish. If Red Hero gets the boost it oh so deserves, this card might pop its head up.

These are some of the Legacies cards that I am hoping WoF can help out. Not every card that gets designed is going to be competitive, and some of these cards may never break that casual tag they have on them. But I do think with the release of a set, and the shifting of a meta, you have to look to the past in order to find some gems. So what cards do you hope get a boost when the meta shift? What are the cards you have in your binder that you are just waiting to make a deck around once the right cards drop? Write in and let me know!

As always thank you guys for reading. Tune into our weekly podcast to hear our ramblings, and keep checking on our WordPress for more Star Wars Destiny content.


2 thoughts on “The Future of Current Cards

    1. I could not agree more! Makes me wish Cassian was going to be red, but I hope we get someone else in that slot. Poe2 is so good and needs a Red partner but Finn2 could be so good to with the right partner as well. Thanks for the comment!


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