Favorite Set So Far

Hey everyone,

We are winding down time until Way of the Force drops… or when they even tell us it will drop. I figured I would spark some discussion as to what your favorite box set has been in Destiny so far. I am defining “box set” as literally that box. So it breaks down like this:

Rey Starter Set

Kylo  Starter Set

Awakenings – Booster Box

Spirit of the Rebellion – Booster Box

Empire at War – Booster Box

Two-Player Set

Luke Starter Set

Boba Starter Set

Rivals Draft Kit

Legacies – Booster Box

So all of this spans across four different sets and two blocks of Destiny. Looking back I am sure everyone has a favorite set for a variety of different reasons. I figured I would just put out my favorite cards from each set so far and say which box has been my favorite.

Rey Starter Set

This and the Kylo starter were the first two items I had bought when I joined Destiny. I Let The Wookiee Winmissed the Awakenings release so this was all that I could get until Spirit dropped. So I played a lot of games with this start set and I have to say my favorite card from it was Let The Wookiee Win. Currently my favorite card is Rey but I didn’t have ambush weapons when I started out with her and I wanted to look at it from a point of view when I just bought this product. LTWW was a fun card early on because we were all really bad and often made the wrong decision and it was funny to see.

Kylo Ren Starter Set

I am a hero guy through and through so buying this was mainly to upgrade my Rey deck.Kylo Ren Having said that I really loved playing with Kylo. His special was a lot of fun to have some mind games with. It is sad to see him go as I can’t remember the last time anyone played him, but my co-host Tommy sure made good use of him.

Awakenings Set

It is kind of weird to say that I played more of Spirit than I did of Awakenings when I first joined but I did order some singles to at least give variety to Qui-Gon Jinnmy deck among my friends. It is really tough to choose my favorite card as I have enjoyed them all at different times, I even find myself playing Poe more now than I ever did when he was big with Maz. I might just have to go with Qui-Gon as he really had a lot of flavor for me. He was the first character single I bought after it was sitting in the glass window at my local game store. He did me well with Rey until he was replaced by my second favorite character, Han Solo.

Spirit of the Rebellion C-3PO

FN, Unkar, Fast Hands, Imperial Inspection, Bait and Switch…. what an awful set…. This set had a lot of pretty broken stuff, even more so than what I just listed (B&S isn’t, I just hate it). My favorite card from this set is still one of the best cards in the game, and he is a guy that looks like C-3PO but he has a red arm. I just love playing with him as he opens up so many options in a deck. Need focus? Boom. Discard? Goodbye. He is just so flexible and so fun to play with, for 1 cost he is fantastic and reason enough to run Vandalize.

Empire at War

100% Sabine. But to keep it mixed up I will pick something else, Ezra! Just kidding. Early on my favorite was actually Cad Bane with Phasma from the 2P Kanan Jarrusset until she got hit and left Cad with no good partners. I seem to have this theme of hating when people remove my dice so I play character to get around that… But to pick a favorite card from this set, I would go with Kanan Jarrus. He is absolutely one of my favorite Star Wars character on top of being very viable in this game. I know he has fallen off a bit, but he was a force with Qui-Gon. I am really hoping we see a new version of him, my Rebel’s fans know what I mean!


Two-Player Set

This has to be my favorite thing they have release to-date. Way of the Force could top that but man I love the flavor this brought to the Rey's Lightsabergame. Mainly with cards like Crossguard, Phasma’s Blaster, Rey’s Lightsaber and Poe’s Blaster. We are seeing this being expanded upon with the new set in things like “Spot General Grievous” or “Spot a Gungan”. I am so excited for this “spot a character” or “if played on this character” mechanics in the game. On-top of having that component, this box featured flavorful characters and big movie characters. I love Rey and Kylo in the movies, and they are awesome in this game. This box probably has my most favorite cards in the game. It is hard to pick one so I am going to cheat and say I love the Rey and her lightsaber combo from this set.

Luke Skywalker Starter

I have to say, I was a bit more hopeful for Luke when he was spoiled. His dice are meh R2-D2but his Power Action seems like it could be great. Sadly it doesn’t play out that way too often. There are still some fun cards in this little box. Despite Golden Dice doing a promo of Han, I will go with R2-D2. I love that they did him justice on the second go around. He is a great card in having no blanks, a very good special and a solid damage side. He finds himself even in non-support decks. He just offers a level of consistency that some characters or decks can’t offer without him. I have had a blast of slotting him in Ahsoka decks to make sure I stop whiffing on my resets.

Boba Fett Starter

This one excites me the least but that is probably because I just love hero decks too Boba Fettmuch. Also I haven’t looked back yet but I know I probably picked all blue cards and this box doesn’t have any blue so it will be a struggle. I will go with Boba though because I just love the idea of even playing with him. He has been a great addition to the game and offers a lot in how you can approach a game with his special. I really do love that art work also, looks sweet. Although I really think FFG let one get away when they didn’t make his quote “Yep”. A close second is Entangle, great piece of mitigation with awesome art-work as well.

Rivals Draft Kit

Just as a note, draft has been amazing for this game. It has been hard to find motivationKetsu Onyo to draft lately but once a new set drops I will be eating it up. As for my pick, I refuse to pick Anakin as my favorite card though after running into Edwin Chen at Worlds so I will go with a Rebels character. Ketsu Onyo is very flavorful in her character text. She can make some powerful weapons have “redeploy” in a sense. Heck, it is even better than redeploy as that loses out to Grievous but Ketsu can beat him! (If you have the battlefield). One draft I got an Ion Rifle and was able to move it to her after that character died. It was a game changer. My co-host Shane loves a Maul Ketsu deck as it gives Maul’s Saber the ability to move from Maul to Ketsu. It stinks she is 14 points for 9 health but she can open up some fun possibilities with your upgrade selection.

Legacies Set

We are finally here. The last set to talk about. Just like R2, I feel my favorite card got Obi-Wan Kenobisome justice in it’s second printing. That card is Obi-Wan. He plays similar to Sabine and I didn’t pick her so… I do love his ability and feel he is one of the more fun “heavy-hitters” you can play with. He can actually pair with Maz or Rose for options, or even a Temple Guard with a plot. Clone War Obi is my favorite Obi so I am glad to see him be viable and fun to play. Nothing like just roll 3’s on an opponent.


So that does it for my favorite cards from each box, with the Two-Player set being my favorite. I would love to hear what sets you have loved, what cards you loved, or even what cards you have hated! As always thanks for checking in and I will catch you on the next one. In-case anyone was counting, that was 6 Blue, 3 Yellow and 1 Red.


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