Spinning is a Good Trick

Well last week was crazy and we were not able to record as normal and we haven’t put out an article in a bit so here we are! We are backed up on spoilers at Golden Dice but I am sure you have heard plenty of talk on other podcasts! I figured I would just throw my two cents into the ring from the most recent set of yellow spoilers. So if you haven’t seen the article yet you can head over to Fantasy Flight Games website to check it out!


So let us start off with the crotch jumping alien we all know as Sebulba! He comes in at 9/12 for cost and shows 9 health. That is a pretty good spot to be in for point to health ratio. It actually seems all of Way of the Force has been. Off the bat his two range and two indirect seems solid for his cost but what worries me is his special. Currently it only works with Remote Stockpile and his podracer in conjunction with the new plot, Boonta Eve Classic. We will get into the podracer in a bit but to see Sebulba be a viable option in this game we need to see more out of that special. Even with his special, Remote Stockpile still seems not very good so his special hinges on his own podracer as of right now. Also hard not to compare to Talzin who is the same point cost, a better color and a better ability.

Moving on to his own podracer. For a two cost support this isn’t bad. I like theswd12_sebulbas-podracer theme of having ambush, gotta go fast! It just kills me to see the two indirect have a paid side but it is understandable considering it would be 3 indirect when you consider it’s ability. Getting this out turn one can set yourself up for a good game, similar to BT without having to damage yourself. I am not convinced I really want to resolve anything on this die but I really do love its ability. Taking a shield and doing a damage probably isn’t a bad thing right? The discard and disrupt do seem off though. Not sure this finds its way into villain vehicle decks, eAphra and eSebulba anyone?

Moving onto the hero side of podracing we see little Anakin Skywalker spoiled for theswd12_anakin-skywalker yellow hero at 7/10 for his points. Again 7 hp to 7 for single die is a good ration for these characters and seems to be the standard now. Being a Sabine player I instantly go to think of whether he is worth it over Ezra, and I am not sure he is in that instance. I love those +2s a bit too much. Still, Anakin seems like a solid character for this cost. I doubt he will shine a big/little deck but would do well in a three or four wide deck. Having three resource sides is crazy and I see him overtaking Ezra in vehicle decks. For 7 points he makes you $$$ and gives you access to Yellow Hero which is arguably the best combination in the game right now. For 7 points, not sure I run JarJar again at single die. Sorry RebelSpy. I really like Anakin and I am sure he will have a spot in three wide decks.

Moving onto his podracer. I have the same feelings as before. The die seems very meh.  swd12_anakin-skywalkers-podracer.pngAlthough I can hear Shane screaming about that two shield side from here… In-comparison I do like it better than Sebulba’s though in its own respective build. Being able to potentially discard 2 two cards with resolving this die seems good. I mean taking two shields and discarding from the deck or hand seems like great value in a mill deck. Rolling this in, then rolling in Anakin to fix the die of this podracer seems good. Yet I still can’t help but think there might be better dice you would want to fix with Anakin’s ability. Overall for two, I like this card a good amount. It might have a deck where it will run at a decent level but I do not see this being slotted into the standard vehicle deck or Drive By Shooting decks.

These two cards were spoiled and of course continue the theme of podracing. Looking at Podracer Betting, I really don’t see this ever being of value. I think Anakin, Sebulba and their respective podracers have a small place somewhere but I don’t see this card being with them. With 5 sets coming, why would I add a card that at most, gives me 4/6 chance to gain two resources. If I miss? Well there goes a card and a resource. Even in draft/trilogies I question whether or not this even comes close to making the cut. I would rather just Discard T O Reroll. Start Your Engines! is an awesome card though, its play-ability will be determined by how good podracers are. So when can we expect our red weapon tutor?











Well these are our last two cards from the article. The battlefield seems really bad until you get a podracer out. If your opponent has 0 resources, they can opt to lose a resource. It will probably be an annoying battlefield to play around but not game-changing. Lastly we have a new plot in Boonta Even Classic. This seems very interesting and is the only other way Sebulba’s special is worthwhile. You can move resources onto his podracer to help you get to 4 quicker. I just struggle to see if people will be able to get 4 resources before the game is already decided. If you can pull this off round 2 then I see this as a potentially very powerful card. Again, it will need to be played in the right deck. As of now, we only have 1 podracer for Hero and 1 for Villain. We know there is another grey one coming (as seen on Way of the Force Boxes). If that podracer has a solid die, cost and ability maybe we can see podracers become playable with this plot!

Overall I love the flavor. Jeremy thank you for bringing the game in this direction. I am looking forward to all the new sets as we see themes like this coming into play.

Now excuse me while I go play Podracer for the N64


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