Store Championship Kickoff

Hey everyone! You may or may not have heard about the partnership between our podcast and I Rebel. We are teaming up to cover the Store Champ season results and see how the meta plays out. I have stated many times that Store Champ season might just be my favorite time for Destiny as last year’s was my first ever competitive CCG season and being able to attend 4-5 of these just made it all the more fun. Being able to show up with friends, play competitive games and have a blast but if you do poorly? Oh well! You get another chance next week!

As much as I Rebel and Golden Dice want to do reports on these events we need your help in gathering the data. There are hundreds of these and would be impossible for the two content creators to keep track. Luckily I Rebel has made it easy for you to submit the results of your local Store Champs right here. Go right to that link and submit the location, attendance, format and the top 4 decks along with their pilots.

Once that is submitted you will see weekly posts and analysis from I Rebel and Golden Dice on their podcasts. This will consist of charts, articles and podcasts dissecting all the information that we gather!

This upcoming weekend looks like it will be kicking off the season so please share this with your local pages to make sure we are getting the information of as many Store Champs as we can!

If you haven’t already head over to I Rebel’s Facebook page to stay up to date on everything, along with our own Facebook page. We hope that you enjoy this season and your rolls are fire!


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