Intro: What is up everyone! We are very excited to be sharing some exclusive Way of the Force spoilers we have received from FFG! So without dragging this out… does anyone like supports?



Tommy: I think this support obviously goes in a 5 battle droid build. What I like about it is that with the ability to bring droids back via the landing craft and endless ranks you should be able to resolve its die with a value of 3 or 4 multiple times. With numbers like that and 3 damages sides I think this is an auto include in any deck running 4-5 non unique characters.


Jack: Seems not too bad to me. Definitely better than Gang Up which is similar to this. As Tommy stated it would probably do well in the Battle Droid deck if they are running things like Imperial Backing. Other than a deck that can make use of Endless Ranks I struggle to see this doing well. It probably has a niche place is 1-2 decks that aren’t at the top level of competitive play. Still REBELS!


Shane: First off, I absolutely love supports. I always tend to find myself making a wonky support deck with either Hero or Villain. As of late, anytime I want to make something I am comfortable with but want to be very competitive with, I fall back into my comfort zone of a support deck. This particular Imperial Transport is very interesting. In a color that has access to the landing craft and endless ranks, keeping non-unique characters on the board is possible. This die obviously loses value as the game goes on as you lose characters, but against the mill matchup it could actually ramp up. 50% chance of getting damage is always good, but is this really gonna see play? I know all of you 5 wide battle droid players out there will be happy! (Also a 5 shield side???)


Tommy: Another support at 3 cost with really solid die values. What really is neat about this card is not only that it’s special side can discard other supports when they are exhausted but that when you’re in a match-up that your opponent has no supports you still have the ability to ready one of your own larger supports. I think that small amount of flexibility really allows you to slot this card and not worry about that special being a 2nd blank in some match-ups.


Jack: I really like this vehicle actually. I find it odd they can make decent yellow and red vehicles but still struggle in blue… Only two damage sides on a 3 cost support is rough but Fang Fighter seems to manage. I really like the two shield sides and its special can be very strong. Say you get this out turn 1, do two damage, next turn take two shields, turn 3 you ready your Y-Wing or another heavy hitter for vehicles. To me, that is getting great value out of this support. The art is also fantastic so I am a big fan of this card all around. What you would drop to make room for this is a question left for the veteran vehicle players but this should be in consideration for those decks. Also seems really good in the mirrors.


Shane: 2 shield sides are nothing to mess with. I like this Starfighter from top to bottom. The three cost support in hero is an interesting slot that you can play around with when making a hero vehicle deck. You have the Resistance Bomber, the Y-wing, and the Fang Fighter to name a few, and in my opinion this stacks up against them pretty nicely. The special is pretty versatile, and I like it a lot more in the mirror match when you are playing against other vehicles that you wanna discard. Readying your own support doesn’t seem like it is that strong for a vehicle that costs 3 unless you are going to ready something huge. Regardless, I think this is the strongest of these 3 spoilers and I think it has by far the best art. I can’t wait to see what the die looks like!


Tommy: 1 resource seems fair for this ability and it’s nice to know that you can grab that big vehicle back after it’s discarded with the N-1’s special. This card also has interesting potential for vehicle decks in the mill match-up which is notoriously a bad match-up. If you are able to play this and not have the card retrieved immediately discarded from your hand that is.


Jack: I do like this card but I wish it was simply to play the card instead of putting it in my hand for a resource. Now those Y Wings, Resistance Bombers and Fang Fighters are going to cost 4 instead of 3 essentially. I wish it had a restriction on spotting to either make it free for allow you to play it from your discard pile while playing its cost. I think it might still have a spot if vehicle decks start trying to counter mill but probably isn’t super helpful in the aggro match-ups unless they are running Force Illusion


Shane: I have always been scared to run force illusion in some of my hero vehicle decks because I hate the thought of blocking 3 damage and getting unlucky when I have to mill 2-3 of my own vehicles, then drawing a hand full of events. But drawing this event would not be all that bad. But 5 sets in and only getting 30 cards to make your deck with, I just am not sure I see this making the cut that often. But I am wrong almost 99.99% of the time so we shall see!


That is all we have for you! Huge shout out to FFG for providing us with these, as a relatively new podcast we are absolutely humbled to even be thought of. We are also humbled by all of you, our readers, listeners, and patrons. Your support means the world to us and allows us to keep having a blast as we record and allows us to support the destiny community. We hope you are just as excited as we are for Way of the Force to drop on July 5th! Stay tuned in right here at the Golden Dice Podcast for all things Star Wars Destiny!

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