5 Cards to Shape the Meta

Hey guys, Tommy here from the Golden Dice Podcast,

With all the spoilers and leaks we now have a really good idea what to expect from the latest pending set for Star Wars Destiny. The hype is real and long overdue, but how can we know what is going to see play and what isn’t? How should we spend our hard earned cash? Well there’s a few ways to determine what to play and what to buy but my favorite way to build a deck is to counter a meta. How can you counter a meta that doesn’t exist yet? Well you can’t really, so I’m just gonna mumble on about what I think are the top 5 characters with meta potential in WotF.


  1. Plo KoonPlo Koon

Ever heard of a deck with Aayla and double padawans? Yea, well let’s kick it up a tick or 4. If ramping into quick upgrades is a strategy you like to use then get ready to mulligan for all the upgrades you can. This will be a deck that sees play in at least the early part of this meta. Plo Koon’s ability to copy the ability of the non unique characters he’s paired with gives him the ability to reduce the first weapon played on him by 2 when he is paired with 2 padawans. There’s a free ancient lightsaber. Then you can play a 2nd on a padawan. Finally why not drop an Ezra’s lightsaber or Shoto on the other padawan. Suddenly you have 7 dice on turn one. If you’re able to pack some solid 0 cost removal you’re all set to start the game off in a huge way, and if not, you might just wanna pitch to reroll since you’ll have so many dice in the poll anyway. This isn’t the only character combination that’s viable with this character either. With new non unique characters in every set his value has the potential to rise. One thing is for sure though and that’s that you will see this character at your locals early and quite possibly often.


  1. Luke SkywalkerLuke Skywalker

With 12 health and 3 shield sides that can be resolved as melee, this character is both a tank and a DPS machine. Then when you realize he’s only 15 points you start to realize that power creep is real. I mean it is Luke Skywalker we are talking about though. There really should be a crazy good version of him in this game. In my opinion this is just an almost unbeatable value at 15 points. He pairs perfectly with Rey2 or you could always go with Aayla and do the profitable thing. He also has an interesting power action but I’m not sold on building around that yet. I think this character will find his way into a few different decks and will definitely be annoying when you have removal that targets damage sides but all he has in the pool are “shields”.


  1. DJDJ

This character is my dark horse. I don’t think he’s a character that has a lot of hype around him but he really speaks to me. At 16 points for elite he has some competition even just in villain yellow with Boba Fett seeing a lot of play in the legacies meta. The way I see this card working is in more of a control shell with aggro qualities. What I’m trying to say is that getting to deal indirect damage when you remove your opponents dice is an extremely powerful effect. Obviously dream scenario of playing feel your anger and removing 100 dice is cool, but I’m more interested in the consistent removal cards like best defense. This would allow you to preserve DJ for the late game as well as deal 2 damage to your opponent. I doubt we will see much from this character early but I know I’m hoping he shows up in the mid to late stages of the meta.


  1. Ahrinda PryceArihnda Pryce

My hands down favorite character in this set. At 13 points for elite she fits in so many decks and we all know that 10/13 villain characters have a tendency to be a bit over powered. Clearly she can pair with characters like Kylo2, Cad, and Thrawn. All of these options have merit but we will probably see the Kylo2 version the most. It in theory will counter the mono colored decks. The thing about Pryce is that to get the most out of her ability you need to control the battlefield. This means that you need to be aware of how long your turns take both as the player playing her and as the player playing against her. If the Kylo2 version ends up being too slow then I would expect the Cad pairing to take over since it is naturally a faster deck with Cad’s ability to stack actions. In addition I think we will see players run throne room to be able to claim, turn, and resolve another die along with a Pryce special. Ultimately I’m more interested in playing her in a support deck that uses ground battalion to take the battlefield and maybe even lockdown, but that might struggle against another strong option in the new meta.


1.Cassian AndorCassian Andor

You want damage, he’s got you covered. You want mill he’s got you covered. This is the first character in my opinion that might be equally as good at killing as he is milling. At 10/14 he’s affordable and his die sides are extremely consistent. He even has a mini Palpatine type ability to deal an indirect damage or mill 1 whenever he resolves a die. At 14 points elite he has so many potential pairings. You could see double partisan mill decks or you could see him with clone troopers. Who knows what we will see from this character. The only thing I do know is that we will see him and his potential is almost scary.


Honorable mentions:

Anakin Skywalker and Ezra Bridger

Anakin SkywalkerEzra Bridger










2 really interesting characters at extremely affordable point costs that really open up doors for more 5 die starts. I would keep a close eye on these 2 as well.
Thanks for reading and as always we are so humbled and thrilled by all the support from everyone in this community. Oh, and by the way, is it just me or did they just take a picture of Shane and use it as the art of Bib on the new Jabba card?

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