First Store Champ With Vehicles

Hey everyone!

As you might have noticed we have been lacking in content lately as I have been away for a few weeks. On top of slow content me being away made for some really interesting choices for me when I showed up to my first Store Championship on July 21st. I would’ve probably ran some form on mono-blue if Kylo/Pryce wasn’t going to be a thing so instead I opted for vehicles. At first I was heavily leaning towards Rose/Partisan/Partisan with Long Term Plan because having two win conditions that can both be met easily seemed good. My concern was how consistent I was going to be able to get Rose’s special to resolve. So I decided I wanted Yoda and that meant the Gungan was my only choice to fill those last 6 points.

So having decided on that build I showed up to the tournament, got one practice game in with the deck, then the tournament started!

Round 1: Kylo/Pryce piloted by Paul from Arrow Brook Gaming

Paul is a great player so this was not what I wanted for my first game and only my second game with the deck. This match-up also made me realize how red my deck was. He hit me with Close Quarter Assault in rounds 2 and 3 for three cards each time. I was able to play a vehicle still each round so my board state was not falling behind. The big issues here was that both times this happened Yoda proceeded to roll anything but his special or focus. So this put me behind on damage going forward and it showed in the final round. In round 4 I could have sealed it. I played the Resistance Bomber and needed to do 6 damage. I hit the 3 indirect and have the choice of playing a Crait Speeder or rerolling. Playing the Speeder seemed the best choice as it had two sides that would do 3 damage, rather than pitching to hope to hit the 6. Ultimately I rolled the 1 range and was 1 damage short of killing his Kylo. Next round he activated and killed my Gungan. Was a tight game and well played by Paul. 0-1

Round 2: Luke3/Rey2 piloted by Drew from ABG

Another ABG guy. I don’t have too much on this game as I feel his deck destroys vehicle decks that have indirect sides. Drive By Shooting is probably in a better spot but I could not get anything going with mine. The game ended with me only having two T-47 Airspeeders on the board and about 5 damage into each of his characters. A bad matchup and a great player sitting across from me. Not the start I would have hoped for. 0-2

Round 3: Tarkin/Jabba piloted by Blair from CAPA Cup

Blair was a great guy but you could tell his game was not Destiny. He did a great job at promoting CAPA Cup but he definitely enjoyed FFG’s other Star Wars games more. Despite it being a mill deck I was able to build my board state and didn’t have too much of a worry about being milled. He had cards like Prized Possession and Blackmail, the former not affecting me much and the latter I could always pay off. After starting 0-2 with one really really bad game it felt relieving to get a win. 1-2

Round 4: Rey2/Poe2 piloted by

This matchup had me a bit worried because of how my second round game went. Luckily I was able to kill Poe relatively quickly to get two dice off the board and dice that can focus. He made a big mistake of playing the Heirloom on Poe, which only has redeploy while it is on a blue character. So when Poe died he also lost three resources.  After that he was still doing some good damage with Rey but ultimately he couldn’t stop the swarm of vehicle dice I was throwing at him. 2-2

Round 5: Kylo/Pryce piloted by Paul

I was glad to get a rematch against this pairing. Paul is also a great guy and helps build the community in the Philly area at Alternate Universe. I was really hoping to finish with a positive record. The game started off decently for me but I definitely got a bit salty when back to back rounds his Hidden Motive got rid of my Crait Speeder die. ONLY 33% CHANCE! CMON! But he didn’t hit as much on his Kylo guesses and I was able to manipulate my hand a bit better than my first game. Pryce went down first because he had his battle field and I couldn’t live through a few more of “claim deal 4 with Heirloom” so she had to go. After that all my indirect sides became direct and it was too much for Kylo to handle. Paul played a great game and was happy to see him make the drive out with a few of his locals for the event! 3-2

Overall I was generally happy to go 3-2. I probably had the worst SoS of them all as I started 0-2 but having played only 5-6 games with WoF cards before this tournament I can’t be too mad. This deck was great at getting resources but sometimes I was sitting on too much money. I would love some other draw mechanic in this deck so I am looking to include R2D2 in this deck along with C-3PO. I ran this deck again at my weeklys and went 2-2. One was a loss to Poe/Hondo I just goofed everywhere and another was to Drew again but he was playing mill. This is my current build, I added R2 for more draw options and added some more grey vehicles to throw Kylo off. Not sure that they are the right call but it is something to test. If I started to add more red vehicles I would start by dropping the z-95 for a y-wing. I like the deck a lot but I will be putting it down for a bit to explore other options that don’t involve vehicles. Even though there are still so many vehicle options… Rose/Partisan x2, Yoda/Ezra/Pilot, Rose/HG/Wedge, Rex vehicles… Too many to test. So my question is, who do I pair Sabine with?



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