You Must Face Them, Fight Them

So after a failed attempt at a Store Championship with hero vehicles I tried to go back to my roots which is decks that are un-interactive with my opponent. I am a fun person. It started from a conversation with Original from Arrow Brook Gaming after one our locals. He threw out this character pairing as an idea so I figured I would try and see where it goes. Which lead me to this list:

It really just kind of builds itself. The only change from my original was dropping Hidden Blasters as they kind of felt bad with Maz. Flip and do 1 damage? No thanks. The big gimmick of this deck is having Rex’s Blaster on Finn, then using Hit & Run or Quickdraw to get some big blowout plays. You Hit & Run, use Rex’s Blaster to Activate Maz, resolve 2 dice (preferably focus to get max damage), then ambush resolve the remaining damage dice. Another way is to resolve two damage dice with Maz then LTP a third die with your ambush action. This deck could crush decks that took some turns to ramp up and that could not get rid of my Hyperspace Jump or Retreats. Thrawn will punish this deck, Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder will punish this deck and resource disruption will punish this deck. Having that many things go against in and only having 19hp does not make for a good time. Still I knew this going into my Store Championship on July 28th but figured I could beat Kylo/Pryce and a decent shot against mill so why not?

Round 1 vs Boba SeventhSister

This was a game where I just went off. Turn one I sunk 4 damage into 7th sister and he did a few back. Round 2 I did Hit & Run, only hitting a +2 on Finn. Rex’s Blaster let me roll Maz who hit focus on both her dice. With her ability I focused to 6 damage and ambush was to resolve and kill Seventh Sister. The game just played itself out after that but only getting one activation from 7th was a big blow to him. 1-0

Round 2 vs eYoda/Anakin/Cassian

This is a good deck but I wasn’t too nervous about it. If I roll half decently I should be able to pump out enough damage with LTP to seal the deal. I started off great rolling some solid damage and felt way ahead. Then Clandestine Operation happened and I lost about 11-12 cards in one sequence. There went my deck. The last round I ended up losing on a misplay. He rolled out the Podracer and got a natural discard. I have 2 cards, Loth Cat and a X-8. I should have Loth-Catted then when he rolled out Cassian I claim as we are on my Battlefield. Instead I let him play Rebel into a Scruffy to get rid of Loth Cat. The game was over at that point as he just then had to resolve the discard side. A game where if we go one more round I win as Cassian had only 2 health left and having already gone through both Second Chances and a Force Illusion but there was no deck left for the second. 1-1

Round 3 vs eYoda/eEzra1/RookiePilot

This was not what I wanted at all. This deck stomped my Sabine at worlds and my deck was a similar build. He kept me off resources and Scruffy’d for event when he needed to get rid of Hyperspace Jump. Turn 2 killed my Finn and that was the game. Maz actually made it super close with having a DL-44 on her and being able to Retreat twice. 1-2

Round 4 vs eRose/Partisan/Partisan

This is a game where my deck just clicked. I got Rex’s Blaster off first round. From there I was able to just pile on damage and got off two Hyperspace Jumps and a Retreat. He wasn’t able to get his board state going too much and when he did he couldn’t get use out of them as I ended the turn too quickly. Hailfires early can be scary since he can do damage without rolling out but he couldn’t get it going in any fashion. 2-2

Round 5 vs eBoba/ePryce

Same as the last round. This deck plays Delve and Friends in High Places to get out big supports to abuse with Boba and Pryce. Flip to big damage with Pryce and then Boba Special for big direct damage. This game I got two Retreats off and killed Pryce very quickly. It got scary with a Planetary Down and knowing what Boba can do but the stars never aligned for him. 3-2

Another 3-2 finish for me which isn’t the worst. If I don’t punt the mill game, I don’t face Drive By Shooting the next match. The deck seems solid Tier 2 but is fun to play if you like to frustrate your opponents by not letting them mitigate your damage and then ending the turn immediately after. It will get crushed by a lot of the other decks out there but is a solid Store Championship deck to run! Hope it serves you well!


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