New Kids on the Block

So this is something that has been on my mind as I am starting to look towards the new set. So far the characters spoiled are Iden Versio, Kit Fisto, Qui-Gon, Jyn Erso and Han Solo (according to Their point costs are 15, 16, 18, 16 and 15 respectively. I take that and I look at the current meta, do any of these characters have a home? It has been discussed at length but this meta is controlled by 12 or 13 point blue support characters.

When we look at our current set up there are only a handful of decks that are in that Iden Versiomiddle/middle range with Luke/Rey, Obi/Maz and Kylo/Pryce with the latter two even leaning big/small. Cad exists but only with Snoke. There is the option of pairing Iden or Han with Snoke but I am not sure that those decks would run that great and their 15 points don’t leave many options for 2 partners. Out of all the characters I probably have the highest hopes for Iden because of that double focus on her dice, we have seen how powerful that can make characters. Along with her ability to negate ambush, force speed, and any action stacking play. Two damage sides are rough at times but having that focus side can really help getting to the damage sides she needs. She also has her droid which is a very useful die with no downside assuming her dice are in the pool. The droid has a low damage output but dropping ID10 and a DH17 turn 1 seems solid.

Kit Fisto is probably next on my list of excitement simply because of how much longevity he can have. Again a double focus! Shane loves his double shields but I will gladly take a Kit Fistodouble focus over that. His ability can also lead to some real tanky-ness from this character. It isn’t something you want to do every turn as you would fall behind in damage but if you have no resources for that 3 for 1? Well, sure! I will block 3 damage! For as fast as he died in Episode 3 I am surprised his ability lets him block damage… Either way a 1, 2 and 3 melee on a 16 point character should be looked at seriously. An early idea for a partner is Aayla who faded away when she got a +1. But again my point is that these characters might be decent in several decks but does Aayla/Kit actually make a wave in this Snoke/Yoda 3 wide? The flexibility is also nice being able to use his ability on his upgrade dice which will be nice if modified sides get life out there.

Next up is a character I am happy is getting remade as her original character was disappointing, though I would rather a character with that ability be over-costed rather than under-costed. Jyn is now red hero with 3 damage sides which excites me even if one is modified. The issue? 16 points, the same as Kit Fisto. The biggest hole people will fall into is if they try to make her into a mill deck, it basically gives her four blanks for 13/16 points. Once you creep over the 15 point mark your options start to run out. Her best bet is the obvious choice with Cassian but I feel red/yellow hero will still be the same when the next set drops. It has some strong games where it rolls you off the table and gets all of its Jumps and Retreats off and you leave the game frustrated not being able to interact. It could also have a game where it is constantly on the back foot and can never get ahead or chew through 26+ health. I fear Jyn will fall into this. Even with a good match-up into Talzin I was still able to take her and Cassian down at NOVA with TaCos. If you look to go 3 wide there isn’t a good option with range base sides at 7 points. eJyn and double Rookie Pilots? Ehhhh. She will be solid but I worry she falls into the same category as Finn2, I think her blaster will help push her up quite a bit more though.

Now to my favorite Star Wars character! Han Solo. Right off the bat I think his best spot will be with the hero side. You can’t guarantee being able to force your opponent to lose a resource but you can guarantee getting one. Special chaining is also just better on the Han Solohero side of things making his special easier to get off. Having a die side be able to get resources and deal damage is a great spot to be in. Despite my lack of faith, I am excited to see where Han fits. He basically has three 2 damage sides with 2 range and a 2 indirect through his special. Yellow hero obviously being a great color to be in as well. I think the fact you can ramp effectively while still pushing out damage could be key going forward. I think Han could straight up replace Hondo in Yoda/Hondo which has fallen off but I think it gets better with Han. Sure you lose the possible 3 direct damage but you guarantee 2 indirect and can still ramp as hard as if they paid you off. Cunning can still be great with Han actually having a special. I think I talked myself in to trying out this deck. This opens up Force Wave in a 3 wide meta and both thermals if you really want to just hate on them.

Lastly is Qui-Gon. I will just come out and say I am not excited. When he wins Worlds/NOVA/GenCon you can come back here and roast me. 18 points for 1 and 2 melee? That hurts. I don’t see how he can deal with this 3 wide meta unless there is something new and spicy for shields in blue hero. He is someone I am not excited to pull. Who would you even pair him with that Obi-Wan isn’t just a better partner for? Unless a crazy 12 point character comes out that Obi cannot pair with then I think he will still be the way to go. Scott even mentioned that Qui-Gon’s lightsaber just seems better on Obi. You activate get a shield, then get another when they deal damage to you. Sure you don’t draw but Obi can get quite tanky with effectively two shields a turn, plus if you add Shotos to the mix it can get out of hand. Either way I am looking forward to being flat-out wrong as usual and getting some hate mail that I will direct to Shane. “TWO TWO SHIELD SIDES?!” Ugh I can hear his voice now…

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these characters and if they can combat this current meta! Episode 25 of our podcast just dropped as well so check that out!

*Disclaimer: I understand that the whole set is not revealed yet and could drastically change the power level of these characters but speculation is fun!



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