Release Parties

Hey all,

With Across the Galaxies coming up soon I wanted to put out there an event we did locally when Way of the Force dropped. We were trying to get new players into the game so we hosted a Learn to Play Event on the day of the release. We had a few different options set up so there was variety of ways to learn the game. We also asked around to out veteran players about donating some extra commons, and they went above and beyond with several 2 Player sets being donated along with some more fun stuff I will get to later. Also by veterans I mean people like myself who buy way too many boxes.


We had two raffles going, one for new players and one for current players. The new players one is what featured about 3 play-sets of commons from each set and a few other play sets of some sets. Some players donated some legendaries as well and we split those between the new players and current players, along with 2 Player sets. The current players we raffled off some playmats, dice-trays and legendaries.

The way they got tickets for the raffle was by purchasing something from the store, every $5 you spent you got a ticket. This meant buying a starter set got you 3 tickets already, you could also earn tickets by just playing games with other people. Working with our LGS to do a give-away resulted in his best ever day of moving product for Destiny. He sold several boxes, starters and Rivals kits. Having this much of a crowd and moving that much product really showed our LGS owner that there is definitely life and profit in this game, I don’t really blame him for doubting before.

Beat a Golden Dice Member, Win a Pack!

I wanted to do something fun so I stole an idea from FFG, they did this at NOVA 2017 I believe. I had some pre-mades deck built and a new player could challenge myself, Tommy or Shane and if they won I would buy them a pack (Only the first 5 winners). The pairings we made were QuiGon/Yoda vs 5 Battle Droids, Krennic/Death Trooper vs Jyn/Rebel Commando and Han/Leia vs Vader’RoyalGuard, as you can see we wanted thematic pairings. Now we tuned down a lot of these decks to have less removal so the players would just swing at each other and enjoy that aspect of the game. They could use these decks to just play a simple game or play one of us. I ended up not playing any of these as I ran around setting things up, getting the raffle in line and all, so props to Tommy and Shane for really running this.

Not Running The Event? Still Contribute!

It was obviously easy for any of the GDP team to contribute to this event but what made it was our locals really stepping up as well. Not just inviting friends but coming up with fun ideas for the night. One of them was our friend Joe who brought 3 tall wine bags filled with dice in each of them, one characters, one upgrades and one supports. You got to reach into the bag and take 1 from each and that was now yours to keep as well as the matching card. A lot of new players really enjoyed doing that as it was just simply fun. If your store is hosting something like this, definitely reach out and find out how you can help on top of inviting friends!


I think the thing I regret the most was not offering more to our seasoned players. A lot of them came, opened their boxes and threw a deck together but many also didn’t want to open a box at a store and then transport everything back to their home which I totally get. I’d love to try and get some drafts going in the future so players who know the game have something to do. It really was a blast having everyone together for a night, making trades, trying new decks but I would love to keep expanding upon that as each set releases. Also we used up a lot of the stuff we had, if we continue to do this maybe we ration things to make sure we have plenty of stuff for the next Learn to Play as well.


Overall the event was a blast and was the most packed I have ever seen the store aside from Store Championships there. The players that we did add haven’t become weekly attenders but they come around every now and again. The big issue is a lot of them were invited through Shane who probably tells them to buy product but don’t ever come to anything…. I think the event was beneficial for everyone involved, the store made money, the seasoned players saw new life breathed in and the new players got to enjoy the card game we all know and love. I just wanted to put this out there in-case anyone is trying to run something similar, maybe they can pull an idea or two and run with it. I would also love to hear the ideas that you have! Feel free to comment on this article or reply on whatever social media this was posted on. Dialogue like this will help communities put on great events and keep the game going.

Also wanted to shout-out Ray from Jackalmen who can to the event and donated to the prize support as well!


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