Across the Galaxy Spoilers

GDP bringing you some spoilers from Across the Galaxy! Enjoy the images and our thoughts on the cards!


Jack:  If people were mad at getting Clone Wars characters, I bet they are excited about getting lesser known Clone War characters! Coming in at 8/11 Luce has a solid die for her cost with 3 damage sides, although the 1 indirect feels bad, unless you are Snoking it. Sure it can become a direct side late game but early on I would rather than a resource or do a direct damage. Her action furthers the want for odd costed cards in Talzin decks. I wonder if we see a new 7pt nightsister that helps round out a deck that benefits from odd cards. Overall she doesn’t seem too great but not too bad, with her action not being the best and almost useless against mill. I still expect her to see play beyond Talzin/odd costed decks. Overall a solid character at the 8/11 slot The trick will be finding her best spot in a 3 wide deck. Although you can be happy if Scott plays you with this, he will focus to the 1 indirect side all the time. 1ID > Life

Tommy:   Well I guess I’ll just be the one to say it, her dice are sick with Snoke. 3 black damage sides, a discard side, and of course a resource side. Her point cost places her in an interesting position as it puts her up against some really solid characters that already exist. Her bringing the blue package is perhaps a strength but looking at her with my Snoke goggles on (assuming there is no balance of the force hit) I wish she brought another color so that you could play her in a rainbow Snoke deck. As far as her ability goes it’s ok though it does synergize with the energy now we will look at later.

Shane: If you’re reading this, thanks for not skipping my name like Tommy would encourage you to do. Of course FFG gives us blue villain cards, testing my temper. But I actually really like her. Character wise anyone from clone wars I love, and nightsisters in general are really cool characters with awesome abilities. Luce plays well into the all-odd package but doesn’t make use of it quite like Talzin does. Her ability will most likely rarely be used but I am sure players will find a time or two to take that action. I really like her dice, and being elite for 11 is a cool slot to be in, and she’s an awesome new addition for villain. I think we will see some new 5 dice villain decks being tried out when AtG drops.

Scott: So I’m writing this last after the others. Naturally that means I’m probably going to end up half responding to their comments. If you see her in Draft take her if you’re drafting for power. You rarely see 3 black damage sides on an 8pt character and 8pts opens up a lot.

In standard I worry a bit. Ignore that she has an ability. She’s 3 black sides on an 11pt elite chassis. You don’t normally see that at that low of cost character, only Greedo I think at this time. And he has 1 less health and 2 less relevant sides. Tommy mentioned Snoke and her die is tailored to his ability. In any given round 4-5 of her sides are exactly what you’d want to see to Snoke. Keeping an opponent off getting a Snoke ability early game is a big part of beating him, that becomes extremely difficult when dealing with 3 Snoke’able dice. Even beyond that she makes many 5 die starts very possible, very aggressive, still versatile, and with not-substandard health. Oh and she does have a panic button ability that could be your only out in some situations. Just don’t build for it with no other reason. Or be Jack and focus on the action too much and feel bad about dealing damage with your two dice 11 pt character with a resource side


Chain Sickle

Jack:    Almost seems like a Z6 but for blue villain, although I would prefer a resource over a discard but a free 3 is nice. The soft mitigation that is included by just resolving the die is nice. I think this could see play going forward and it fits the theme of odd costed. It will probably be pushed out of standard decks until rotation hits simply because of all the most powerful blue weapons seem to be from the first set. No redeploy also hurts on a 3 cost. I do like this weapon though. Doesn’t have 1 Indirect so probably garbage to Scott.

Tommy:   Three cost upgrades are always in a tricky place if they don’t have redeploy. This upgrade has two things really going for it. First, the damage sides are awesome and not having to pay for the three side feels strong. Second, there’s the effect of rerolling your opponent’s dice after dealing damage. Since this upgrade’s strengths both center on it dealing damage I can’t see myself almost ever wanting to resolve the discard side of this die. This means it basically has three blanks. It will be interesting while building decks to see how often this upgrade will be chosen over the other three cost options.

Shane:  I can’t disagree with the guys above, 3-cost upgrades in this day and age of Destiny need to have redeploy, or be so powerful that they are worth the money even without it. The Chain Sickle is pretty dang powerful as far as its 3 free damage sides, but I still don’t think its worth it. Although the effect of getting to reroll some of your opponents dice on damage resolution is strong so maybe I will be proved wrong!

Scott: It’s got viable sides for its cost. But it’s ability is fairly conditional compared to other similar upgrades. To get benefit from it you have to deal the damage to the specific target, which may not be who you want to target with your damage, and then that damage actually has to land and not be blocked. Probably too many if’s to really value a decent effect highly. If if and buts were candy and nuts then Tommy might not bubble out of an event.


Energy Bow

Jack:  This is amazing. It is like a DH-17 but for blue villain. It fits with Talzin. What more do you want? Sure it is lacking the 2 damage for 1 resource like the DH but you often tried to chain the +2 anyways to save money. In any range deck that has blue in it you will be including this right away. 1 resource for this die is great value. I think the ability is just a bonus to a really solid weapon. This will see play right out of the gate until it is rotated out, unless you prefer 1 indirect sides like Scott.

Tommy:   This is the real gem of the group.  Any one cost die that has the potential to deal two damage without costing you a resource is a strong option. Yes it fits with Talzin and is an auto include in her decks, but with how much dice manipulation there is in the game I would argue that it should go in any deck that has the ability to link up its modified side. It even has the added ability to reroll itself on occasion. This is an A rated card and one that you should be thrilled to pull.

Shane:  Ya this thing is sweet, and a bow is always cooler than a blaster. The obvious comparison is to the DH-17, a 1 cost upgrade with some solid damage sides. What I really like about this thing besides the damage is that it has a resource side! 1 cost upgrades with resource sides are something I really like, it feels great if you can’t roll the damage but you still get the money right back for the upgrade, and then later turns you crank out the damage. Obviously this thing fits great with Talzin, but it will be in a lot more decks than that. I can’t wait to pull 4 of them. I forgot to mention its ability which is great but even without it this upgrade is SOLID.  

Scott: Is this the blue Dh-17? Not really. For one it’s villain only. Next it doesn’t have two black sides. Value outcomes are equal if you dealing with focus or turn abilities. The DH comes out ahead in EV off just one roll, with the Bow passing it slightly if you can get it’s ability off, but the DH comes back out ahead once you re-roll it (even with the Bow re-roll and the pitch re-roll). You’ll definitely run it in any blue deck that deals in ranged damage, but it isn’t going to be the random plug and play the DH-17. It’s close in the way that Shane is close to coming to an event. It gets to the day of and then it bails.

3 spoilers, 3 burns. 1 for each of my co-hosts. Fun isn’t something one considers when balancing out the Golden Dice, but this did bring a smile to my face.


Thanks for checking us out and hope you enjoyed the spoilers and our thoughts on them!



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