Allies of Necessity Review

Finally some news !! We are getting a second draft kit, and with how much I enjoyed Rivals, I am very excited to be getting a glimpse of Allies of Necessity. So lets dive in, and see what kind of impact these cards are going to have.

Another Count Dooku does not excite me too much, but I can get past it. First off, this is our first Non-Neutral character in a Draft Kit. This does not affect the team building for draft, but is still interesting to note. 11/13 is a super versatile point cost(Snoke prior to Nerf), but coming in at 9 health does scare me. His dice sides are legit, no modifiers or resource cost on any side and having two 2 Sticks is solid, with a focus and discard to boot. So what about this Power Action? Pretty much it just lets you play a blue card once a round(paying its cost) and getting to discard a card from your opponent’s hand. If you are going to play a Blue card anyway, why not get a card out of their hand every turn? Overall, I think this is a solid character for both draft and the other formats, but having only 9 health is what will hold him back from being really competitive.

Now this is a character that excites me! Not only did I love Rebels, but I still have a huge craving for more Red Hero awesomeness, and he comes in at 11/13 just like Dooku which is super versatile. Actually… this character is almost exactly like Dooku. Dice sides are identical except a shield here replaces the discard on Dooku(and obviously guns instead of sticks), and also Fenn sits at 9 HP. His Power Action is also very similar in mechanics, except you get one additional indirect damage once per turn if you can play a Red card instead of a free discard from their hand, which could be quite powerful. Overall, both these guys seem very fun in draft, but at 9 health I am not sure I can see them being super competitive, but extra FREE damage every turn might push Fenn into the spot light.

Finally a Neutral character! Right off the bat 10 points for 8 health is a huge red flag that I think will cause people to stay away in the competitive scene, but three 2 damage sides is pretty legit, even if you have to pay a dollar for one. The Power Action is similar in mechanics to the last two characters, but here you can get to re-roll an opponent’s die or 3 of yours once per turn when you play a Yellow Card, which is not bad. I am excited to slot this guy in for some draft teams, but he’ll probably stay in the box when I decide to make a standard deck.

Move over Jawa, there’s new talent in town. Dice sides are ok, but compared to the Jawa they are about the same since the damage doesn’t cost you anything but it is indirect instead of direct. The ability here however is interesting. After you activate this guy, you can choose any sub-type on another character and gain that sub-type for the remainder of the round. We know sub-types in Destiny are going to become a design space that will be played with in the upcoming Convergence set, but it is also going to be seen here! This character to me will feel better to slot in some decks right over the Jawa, whether that is in competitive or draft games.

Here is a card that can find it’s way into a lock of decks, and its versatility will make it an auto include in any of your draft decks. Paying 1 resource to get to do 1 of 3 effects seems okay, but you can really use this card for whatever effect you need at the time, as long as you have a character with the correct sub-type, which the Clawdite Shapeshifter can help you secure. Turning a die is pretty standard for 1 resource, re-rolling 3 dice(yours or an opponents, or a combination of both) can have some solid value, and removing a die showing a value of 1 or less is good when you are hitting specials or key non-modified sides. The value of this card is purely in its versatility, and I could see it finding some play in decks running multiple characters that have these sub-types. In draft however, it is an auto include.

A -2 Plot??? This is scary. This opens the doors up greatly for deck possibilities, and could potentially be the most game breaking card in this draft set. I get there are setbacks, like you have to have 2 characters of the same color, and you lose a card from hand and 2 resources on the first turn, but still being able to field 32 points worth of characters could be very very scary, especially in a mill-type deck that does not really care about its resources right off the bat. For draft however, this is interesting as it lets you draft higher point cost characters and potentially run some more combinations of characters in your draft deck than were possible in Rivals.

This all has me very excited to draft again very soon, since it is honestly one of my favorite formats Destiny has to offer. I like the direction they are going with this draft set, and overall gives me hope for some more promising new mechanics in Convergence. So let me know what you think about this set in the comments, and as always tune into to the Golden Dice Podcast every week to hear about everything Star wars Destiny.


Tommy smells.

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