Convergence Spoilers

Shout-out to FFG for the spoilers! Enjoy our thoughts on the new cards!
SWD16_Legendaries 8

Yoda’s Spirit

Jack: 2 Cost support with no blanks. Seems good. Along with no blanks it has 3 focus sides. It can really help out some hero blue decks focus their dice that don’t have Yoda in their pairing. You obviously cannot play it with him, you can risk it and wait until he dies but that seems like a dead card for too long. The special the first round you play it probably feels bad but 3 unblockable is nice. Interesting that it is a Jedi subtype as well. Overall seems to be a really solid support for 2 cost, doubt I run 2 but maybe a one-of in trilogy.


Scott: Did anyone else fall asleep reading what Jack wrote? He’s all basketball shorts that one.


OK, Yoda’s Spirit. There sure are alot of 2’s on this card, but it is not really a Legendary I want to pull 2 of though.  Supports/Upgrades without damage sides are always a bit of a rough play, so I love that they tacked on a very conditional damage side here. Late game you don’t want more shields, you don’t always need more focus, you need dice that can put out damage. You’ll gladly cash this in for 3 targeted unblockable provided you’ve gotten a turn or two of regular resolves. If your deck makes a ton of money, you’ll even do it the turn you play it. That it gets shuffled back in is a decent boon.


It will need the right deck for sure as it doesn’t have damage sides you can resolve turn after turn. The biggest area of interest I see with it is that it provides you with a non-character Jedi subtype. That’s big if there are alot of powerful cards with spot-Jedi requirements. This allows you to keep them active even as character die, or play those cards in decks without having to bring a character of that subtype. Overall I see this as a very nice 1 of addition in non-aggro Blue decks.


In draft it will be great. Focus is great in a format with such inconsistent removal access. And so are shields for that matter.


Tommy: Overall this card looks cool and thematically is awesome. Reminiscent of One with the force from Awakenings. Lots of 2 sides like Scott said sure but honestly I don’t see myself using this card in many decks at all if any outside of draft and Trilogy. The main reason for this is because if I’m playing Blue hero I’m probably playing Yoda. In addition to that paying 2 resources and only being able to do 3 damage one time before shuffling it back in is a tough sell for me. There is definitely value in the shield and focus sides but rolling out the special the turn you play it is almost a feel bad situation in my mind. All that said I like that it has no blanks and I like the small amount of mill hate it provides.

SWD16_Rares 28

Ezra Bridger:


Jack: Loses his special, gains a health and goes up 2 points. For 12 points I am kind of left wanting in terms of dice sides and health at 12. His ability might help you keep the battlefield vs your opponents so that is a big upside to him. Something weird where they reroll with last card, hit a paid side and can’t resolve it. So they have to pass so you cannot resolve it. If Theed stays powerful or another strong battlefield comes along Ezra could see some play with it. Glad to see a Spectre coming back so Zeb isn’t by himself. Also, I am unsure about that face… Overall maybe he gets somewhere with 1 die but I am not holding out hope. Oh yeah, Scott sucks.


Scott: Even his insults are basketball shorts!


Straight off I do not want to pay 12 points for 8 health. I barely want to pay 12 points for 9 health, 8 is really fragile. And his dice isn’t screaming at me to bring 2 anyway. I see this as a one die character best case scenario.


That ability is very interesting though. Your opponent is normally not likely to leave much in the way of damage on the table, but sometimes a 1 or 2 side gets left behind. Best case is an assortment of stuff that they’d normally not bother with. Either you get them or they delay their claim and you get that. That’s not bad. You could also use cards that allow you to reroll dice or turn dice to sides on your opponent’s stuff after they have claimed, but I just don’t see a many circumstances where you can force your opponent into leaving you juicy stuff to play with.


Rules note, you can’t focus your opponents dice. Even after they have claimed these dice aren’t in your pool and you only get access to them on resolution. Seems like a change in wording would have opened up this ability to some interesting lines of play


Tommy: Well I think Jack and Scott covered this one pretty good. Nothing jumping out at me that would ever make me want to play this character in standard unless Spectre becomes useful in some way. Again possibly could see play in Trilogy simply to gain access to yellow but that’s even contingent on no other reasonable cheap options exist in this set. In summary, I’m not impressed.

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