Brian’s Top and Bottom

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Top Character – Watto…just kidding. Padme/Enfys Nest


Padme opens up a whole new way to think about the game. I love seeing these types of abilities in characters that makes me actually excited to play them. Not to mention her sides are bonkers. I also think that Enfys Nest will be pretty interesting when the right pairing is found for her, whether that comes this set or beyond. I am looking forward to testing different pairings with her and trying to find the right stuff.

Bottom Character – Asajj Ventress


As someone who enjoys Ventress as a character and her development over the series of the Clone Wars, it bums me out to see that we just can’t seem to get her right. Her sides are fine, minus that nasty pay side, but I just can’t get excited about the whole downgrades shtick just yet. I could be absolutely wrong about this one (and I hope I am!), but in a 30 card deck I don’t want to waste too much space trying to jam in downgrades. This is also kind of how I feel about Dengar in constructed.





Top Support – Megablaster Troopers

Any support that either lets you roll out multiple times per turn or in this case crank out multiple die sounds like it’ll rack up some serious numbers fairly early on. The fact that this is a potential 3 die support makes it well worth the value you pay for it. I need to start stockpiling my FOST die now…





Bottom Support – Fickle Mercenaries

Fickle Mercenaries

This card is something that Shane would play because he wants a laugh. The fact that your opponent can steal this support is interesting, but I don’t think its threat level really warrants any kind of panic at all.




Top Upgrade – Palpatine’s Lightsaber

Palp Saber

In the trilogies format, we are lacking in the solid two drop department with gems like Ancient Lightsaber and Shoto Lightsaber rotating out. This upgrade is a solid two drop that has the potential to make you your money back. Playing it on Palpatine obviously is optimal, but I can see this running rampant in the Blue Villain crowd regardless.



Bottom Upgrade – Malice


At first, I thought this had at least a place within Palpatine decks…but after playing a few rounds with Palp/Watto, I realized that Jack was right. This card has no place anywhere, and even in Palpatine decks it serves no purpose but to add one to Palp’s health. There are better upgrades that can do more than that for better overall value. If I pull this one, this is going to serve as a coaster probably. Maybe fix an uneven table leg or something, I don’t know.


Top Event – Deflecting Slash

Deflecting Slash

I love cards like this that can allow you to catch up to your opponent and has multiple functions involved. Activating a character and removing a die allows me to maintain tempo with my opponent and even gain the upper hand. That is…until I play a melee deck…





Bottom Event – A Sinister Peace


I would only use this to remove a really good die if I have to lose two cards for it. Something about this card bugs me. Like it thinks its better than the other cards. I understand that it could be good in case you don’t have resources to spend and you need a clutch play to remove that Shadow Caster die or something like that, but in a 30 card deck that I spend a lot of time scrutinizing over, I don’t know if I can always make the sacrifice play unless I absolutely have to. Edit: After playing this card…I’m an idiot. This is a garbage take.


Top Wild Card – Hampered


Bounties, Downgrades, Injuries oh my! FFG is really getting spicy in their development of new facets of this game. I like hampered a lot because it really messes with the tempo of your opponent. Stick this on someone and try to outmaneuver your opponent while they try to strategize while only resolving one die at a time. This could be a really interesting new element to the game…or a bust…only time will tell.



Bottom Wild Card – Force Flow

Force Flow

Sorry that this is unoriginal, but this has to be unanimously the worst waste of points yet. Why? I would happily take another shield over this with Fortify if I found myself two points short. If you run this, you are an absolute mad lad.


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