Shane’s Top and Bottom

You probably won’t agree with any of this. Yell at me in the comments! If you want to view previous Top and Bottom articles you can here: Jack


Top Character

Kes Dameron

Kes Dameron – If you know me at all, you knew it was gonna be a Red Hero in this slot. Kes seems really strong, his dice are great and his ability is insane. Pretty much you get as many free “All In”s as you want every turn but it has to be used on Trooper dice, but when he comes backing with a 2 Focus and 1 Focus, things will get very scary fast. The only things I do not love about him are his point cost, and the paid side, but the good in my opinion might far outweigh the bad. I think the Red Hero Revival is here (Dhaus Agrees) and I want Kes to lead that charge. One of the first decks I plan to make is Kes/Rex, and I am stoked about it.

Bottom Character


K-2SO – Sadly a Red Hero had to find its way here. I just cannot see this guy making any type of splash, even though I really want him to. If they gave him a nice event that could defeat a character in order to give you a big reward, maybe I could see value in him. But the only event you get is Honorable Sacrifice which removes dice… even though using it on K-2SO would end the action phase anyway! Ugh. Poor Alan Tudyk.



Top Support


Assassin Droid – For a three cost support, the die sides here are underwhelming. But with a recurring ability of free damage this thing is legit. Playing it with Aphra where you can get it out for 2, but still have it protected from Vandalize as it is a 3 cost still is really nice. Then adding some more ways to roll the die in can make that ability recur and the damage ramp can get going. This thing scares me, a lot.



Bottom Support

Rebel Cache –Rebel Cache.jpg This reminds me a lot of the Black Market or the Weapons Cache, 2 supports that dealt with ramping money in some fashion yet saw no play cause they are actually terrible. There are so many other ways to manage your resources, that attempts like this just fall through the wayside every single set.




Top Upgrade


E-5 Blaster Carbine – So I know the redeploy on this thing requires it to be on a Droid, but the dice sides on it are consistent enough for other decks to run it as well. The main reason I am putting this as my top upgrade is because I think droid based deck are going to be good. There are seriously good droid characters, and this upgrade has to be an auto include in those decks, it is just far too consistent with damage for its value.



Bottom Upgrade

Sonic Detonators Sonic Dets– I just really do not like this thing. First of all, I do not wanna have a million tokens on an upgrade, just for board state purposes. Secondly, it has no base damage sides! So when you do run out of resources(which might take a while) , it essentially has 3 blanks unless you are running other cards to add tokens to this card. That is a terrible hole to go down, and there are a hundred other 3 cost upgrades you should be playing before you play this. That all being said, I do get the value of being able to deal damage to multiple characters at once, but I don’ think this is good at all.

Top Event

Twin Strike

Twin Strike – So I know there won’t be any Force Illusions anymore, but there are more shields incoming in this set and with Vibroknife rotating out, people may want access to some unblockable damage. For the easy price of 0 resources, you can slot this in to your blue stick decks and have a nice answer for those cowards hiding behind shields. Plus, I think it even works with Luke3! Maybe to check you should ask @BananaCrapShoot he seems to really know how Luke3 works.



Bottom Event

Hard Bargain

Hard Bargain – This card would be AMAZING in a Dryden Vos deck where you run 30 giant cost upgrades and supports and only big removal! But that deck literally sucks. and this card literally sucks. Don’t @ me.




Top Wild Card

Enticing Reward

Enticing Reward – Now I know there aren’t a lot of bounty fans out there, but that makes me love them even more. This interests me because it can shift you want to target in certain match-ups. Depending if you are playing against a Big/Little or 3-wide deck, you will have low hanging fruit you can try to target, in order to cash in on this enticing reward. There are obviously some big cards you could get out in this fashion, but we will have to see if switching targets, and including this in your deck is worth the reward. This card has the power to put you pretty ahead, or catch you up from behind.


Bottom Wild Card

Force Flow

Force Flow – I would rather pay 2 points of my allotted team points to burn this card. This might be the most boring plot ever, but I am sure there are more to come that might take that cake. If this ends up being good I might retire.


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