Jankku Jankyard – Wat/eWatto/Mauler

Welcome everyone to a new series that I will be writing whenever my creative juices begin to flow. For those long time Golden Dice Podcast fans, the Jankku Jankyard may sound familiar. When Tommy and Jack (FINALLY) asked me to come onto the podcast I was (BARELY) honored. There were fun times all around, and we spoke about the Jank I was always trying very hard to make work. They graciously allowed me to do a short segment I deemed “The Jankku Jankyard” where I would essentially go off on a 5 minute tangent of some nonsense that I had made and swore was legit. One of these decks was actually Thrawn Talzin, before that deck had a small little pop up later in the meta. My version used 2 T-7 Ion Disrupter Rifles though and was not using Three Steps Ahead, so obviously it was still quite a bit off from the final product that showed up in the later meta. With the drop of Convergence my deck building itch has been going crazy and I have been making a lot of new decks. Now in my opinion, Jank is not fun unless it is actually good and catches people off guard. Recently on our stream I played a Janky deck, and I figured why not transition the Jankku Jankyard into an article series where I break down some decisions I make and what each deck is going for. This is my breakdown of Wat/eWatto/Mauler.


Deck Idea: The goal of this deck is to absolutely abuse Wat’s power action with Planetary Bombardment. I think everyone who likes support decks has dreamed of making some use of Planetary with its ability and its intimidating die. So it is an obvious pair for Wat who will let you roll this thing out twice the turn you play it. But it is a little deeper than that. Wat actually adds a little action cheating window to supports that have Ambush, like Planetary. You can easily use Wat’s power action to play Planetary, get the indirect damage based on your vehicles, roll the die into the pool, and then use the ambush action to resolve that die. Let’s say you have 4 vehicles out, depending on what you roll you can possible get up to 11 indirect damage out of hand before you opponent can do anything about it!

Character Pairing: If you’re going to make a deck based around a 6 cost support with 2 paid sides on it, you’re gonna need some resources. Insert Watto. Now honestly I am not a fan of Watto in most decks. I feel like he keeps coming up in 2 wide decks (Enfys, Palp, etc) and if your other character dies, Watto is essentially useless. He has no damage and no focus, so he cannot close out a game. In this pairing, I actually want my opponent to go after Watto first and since he is elite, they very well might do that. I only really need 2-3 resolves of his dice and he did his job, and even if he is my last character standing, the out of hand damage from Planetary and its 4 damage sides can still do work without focus from your characters. Mauler however, I am choosing because resolving Black Two twice with Wat’s PA when you can spot Mauler is really nice and pumps out lots of damage. Other reasons are his ability can be useful once the meta gets defined especially if Armored Reinforcement decks are still around, and he adds a little bit of a punch my other characters are lacking.

Battlefield: There are not a ton of battlefields that support vehicles right now, but Landing Dock feels amazing when I have it. Getting a reroll on 1 of Watto’s dice to try and pair up resources feels awesome especially in a low focus deck where I need to utilize all of my pitches to reroll. The ability to consistently control this battlefield even though I am slow is also great, because it turns a lot of battlefield requiring events off that my opponent would normally get to play against slow decks.

Upgrade Package: Who needs em?

Support Package: There a lot of options for supports in the Red/Yellow Villain package that I like, and my original deck was way more Janky with Starvipers and Arc Angels etc. I knew I wanted Tie Fighters, with their built in tutor system and a near unlimited supply of resources, there is not much better than Ties. Black Two getting two resolves is huge as I said previously, so that got added in early. Obviously Planetary was making the cut, and tech team is too good of a resource ramp to not include. So I rounded this out with Podracers for a cheap vehicle, and ARC-170 Starfighters for a 3 damage sided consistent vehicle.

Event Package: I actually do not love the removal package Red/Yellow Villain has right now, and I have thought about trying to get blue into this deck so I can run Hidden Motive and Forsaken, but right now I am keeping it with just Red/Yellow. Overall the removal still feels good. I have the standard Sinister Peace, Flank, The Best Defense, and Doubt. I spice that up by adding Art of War, which so far has worked wonders for me since I can afford it consistently. As long as you drop this while you have very few dice in the pool, this card will be worth the money. I did not need much more ramp, but I slotted in For a Price in order to turn a Watto die to his 2 for 1 resource side after one of his dice rolls the +2 resource. This has helped my consistency a lot. Probe is an auto include, even in the non-hyperspace jump meta. Lastly as my only 1 of’s I put an Across the Galaxy to get rid of the annoying Salt Flats which gives my opponents free soft mitigation every turn, and a Dangerous Maneuver in order to keep Wat alive.

Game Plan: The main goal is to keep Wat alive. If your opponent goes for Watto, protect him until you can get 2-3 resolves of his dice which will be plenty of money. You need to use Wat’s Power Action every turn, ideally on Black Two early, and Planetary later but even if you need to use it for a Tie early that still helps your damage output. Mauler normally is your least important character, even in matchups where you are using his ability because you can normally make that happen pretty fast. That is pretty much it! Just be patient, make money, and slowly grind your opponent down and pick off some characters with Black Two as the indirect damage is pouring in.

Other Cards Considered: As I previously stated, I was attempting to get Blue in here and to do that the best bet would probably be replacing Mauler with a Sentinel Messenger or maybe Sly Moore. In the end this was not a change I wanted to make. Some other vehicles I am still considering are 1) Fang Fighter, for the ambush with Wat’s Power Action to create another action cheating window. 2) V-Wing for some nice damage sides and a big discard side. I have the ARC in over these purely for consistency. As far as some other flex cards I was thinking about over some of my events are 1) Bubble shield depending where the meta goes 2) Riot shield for an extra two health 3) In the Cross Hairs for a blow out removal. All of these changes and more came to mind and I think fill a certain role.

So what do you think? Does it have any potential or is it terrible? What changes would you make? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading and all the support you give to us at the Golden Dice Podcast. If you liked the series and want more let me know, and I will make sure to keep it going!




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