Tekka’s Squadron

So finally the chaos of planning a wedding is over and the enjoyment of a honeymoon is over. Now it is time to return to real life and the hard work of playing Destiny. I do have to say that even without the craziness of life, it has been hard to muster the will to write articles. Most of the obvious has been covered by extremely great content creators, from characters like Phasma to Palp, and updated Aphra and Snoke lists. I felt I didn’t have anything crazy to offer to the meta talk. Mill good. Snoke 3 wide good. There is still certainly a lot to explore but the core of what is good this meta (villain supports) seems to be clear at this point. I could go on a whole rant about and how villain got the best 0 cost mitigation and all the great supports. While hero still has to pay for mitigation while not having busted supports like FIST and Megablaster but I will stop before it gets out of hand…

I figured I would just talk about a deck I have been enjoying playing and seems fun for a local weekly, plus you get to bust our your X-Wing promos.

Since she was spoiled I have been really excited to play Satine, for just 10points you get 2 really side die with a nice ability to round her off. The low point cost opens up the door for some big/little pairings but also little/little/little support type decks. (Is L/L/L a thing?) Lor San Tekka is an amazing character as well, with this deck being the first one I have played with him. I was able to see his full potential vs mill and he really bought me another round or two. So for 10pts and 11pts we have two characters, both having a focus symbol on two sides of their die and have relevant abilities. They are one of the few characters whose second die only costs 2 points! Now we still have 9 points to go crazy with! One option I thought about was Rose but I felt that the ever useful Gungan with AR was really the way to go. Gungan is a really solid die for 6 points, and a great target for Garbage Chute.

So we have our team, we can look at the core of the deck. The biggest thing I have been wanting to do with X-Wings is actually play them in a viable manner. I enjoy off-meta decks but will never just play inefficient ones. The biggest issue with them has been drawing them in a poor manner, bringing AR certainly fixes that. With 4 in your deck and a full mulligan you have around 78-80% chance to find at least one X-Wing. The rest of the supports are back up for the chance you don’t draw one. Get a podracer? Maybe AR the Hailfire out to star the pinging non-sense. Overall I am not really sold on the Hovertank/Pod combo for this deck but I really do like the Podracers due to all the focus that I have in this deck. I can consistently get to the 2 indirect side. Crait speeders are here because they are just a really good support and the N1 rounds it out in-case I am playing another AR deck.

The last bit of the deck is what I have been really messing with the most. The mitigation package is where you can tweak it a bit. I do want to say that I really should have Suppressive Fire in here somewhere to feel free to yell at me. I think some of the cards just add themselves, Easy Pickings, Hidden Motive, Garbage Chute, Flank. (The 1 Chute is due to Padme potentially being a thing). The spice I wanted to try out is Upper Hand. As I said villain have Sinister Peace, Forsaken and Doubt while having access to Hidden Motive. Heros? Upper Hand. It really isn’t the best card, you need your dice out in the pool, they need to be a value of 2+ and it can only hit 0 values. I will say this was a great card against Palp/Wat when they try to just link their Storm special all day. It does have potential but I really just wanted to see if I could fit the only other 0 cost option into the deck. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is what goes away to make room for Suppressive Fire. Aerial Advantage is also a risky include because if you aren’t on your battlefield you probably never own the battlefield. Having said that, this deck has a 5.2 average roll off which is better than Snoke/Watto/FOST (4.7) but still only just loses to Vader/Greedo (5.3).

The last few cards to mention help us ramp up or control our opponents game-plan. Tech Team and Logistics get the ramp going. Vandalize with 5 starting dice is also a really good option to have. You can consistently get Megablasters and Entourages. This could easily go up to a 2 of. Scruffy is there because some turns you really need to stop what is going on. Worried about a turn 1 Storm? Call Upgrade. Did they just tutor their second Entourage? Call support. Got 3 x-wings out and want to go to town this turn? Call event. Scruffy’s usefulness is nothing new.

Nothing really ground breaking here. I just jammed some cheap characters together with a amazing plot to form a decent deck. Excited to get back to rolling dice and making content for y’all!



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