Brian’s Top and Bottom

Hey all! I am super excited to give you guys a look inside my horribly miscalculated Destiny brain and talk about what excites me and bores me about this set. Let’s all agree to disagree for now, and we can come back in a few months and roast me. This is going to be fun…buckle up. For previous articles you can go here: Jack and Shane


Top Character: Jangojango-fett

Low costed legendaries make me happy. Jango has great sides, great costs, and a great ability. He fits anywhere, he does different things, what more can you ask for from him really? I have a couple of different pairings in the works for this guy that seem fun and enjoyable. What I like best about Jango is that even though he is a Bounty Hunter, he has no silly gimmicks that lean too heavily into bounties. I really still am not entirely sold on bounties, and if (when) I run Jango I plan on running maybe only Dead or Alive with him. He’s great, and this may be a bit of a low hanging fruit choice, but what did you expect from me?

Bottom character: ZuckussZuckuss.jpg

What the Zuck is this piece of trash? Bounty based special? Two damage sides? UGLY ART? No thanks, total pass. In all seriousness though, I really am still not sold on the idea of bounties. The special is just a one resource until you get a bounty on the opponent, which is fine if the bounties actually mattered. There are way too many moving parts required for Zuck-ass to be good. At that point cost, just run any of the other characters that are much more superior and don’t rely on gimmicky worthless bounties. I would even rather run any of the other bounty hunters than Zuck.


Top upgrade: Pulse CannonPulse Cannon

Theoretically this weapon gets a little pricey, but its sides are solid and ability is even better. The power action allows you to get multiple resolves (if you can pay for them) and we have all seen the potential of die like that. My only complaint with this upgrade is the paid sides. Obviously the question of balance comes into play and I understand why the paid sides need to be there. While I think this card is going to be great, I do not think it will be crazy busted like a Force Storm.

Bottom upgrade: Talisman of ResurrectionTalisman

So, I feel like this isn’t the first time you’ll see this on a list of bad cards. This has no business being a legendary. There is always at least one stinker in the set, and I feel like this is definitely it. This is going to feel like ripping open a pack to find a Crime Lord staring you in the face (after you determine which of the three Jabba die it is). I like the idea of getting a potential two resources back and reviving a character, but this is a really high requirement to be good. You need to have killed a character, worked up all the resources equal to its point cost to revive that character, and then roll out and resolve the special on this die to make it work. Maybe if you could have two talismans and special chain it would be a bit more attainable. You are not going to be able to resurrect anything worth playing without help from your old pal Snoke. Maybe if we could resurrect his power action this would be semi relevant.


Top support: Superlaser Siege CannonSuperlaser.jpg

This is a low hanging fruit for sure. Looking through this set, FFG really toned down the supports for a change. I couldn’t find a support that I was really excited about, but had no problem finding ones that I had no interest in. No surprise that the support I think is the best of the set is villain. The cost is high, but I feel like if you can get this thing out and protect it as best you can, the return could also be pretty high. I really am not a fan of placing resources on a support to mark the power level of a card, as it leads to potential issues in player error, but this one seems easy enough to keep track of. I don’t think I would chase this card if I don’t pull it, but it does seem like fun for a casual tournament at locals.

Bottom Support: Professor HuyangProfessor Huyang.jpg

Ah yes, the help that Blue hero needs is here! Blue hero got a bunch of diceless supports this set that don’t seem to have any impact on helping Blue hero rise to relevancy. And their diced supports….well…they aren’t much better. Looking at the Professor, I like its two resource, focus and shield sides, but this thing is not going to help you win like a saber would. With all the weapons/masteries you could play for the same or less, Huyang feels bad to play. How many apprentices do you plan on using? This fits in a Yoda and younglings deck, maybe, but where else do you really want to put this? I really want Blue hero to be good, but stuff like this is not what it needs.


Top Event: Execute Order 66Execute Order 66.jpg

So as someone who runs DJ a lot, this card can be a lot of fun. The only catch with this card is that because Blue hero is so bad right now, you’re gonna need to run Order 66 with this card which means you lose out on 2 points of building for four more cards and an added potency to this card. Personally, I am totally okay with this trade. I am still working out how to get a DJ rainbow deck with 2 points for the plot optimal and usable. More tricks and toys for villains to play with, and this is an especially good one.


Bottom Event: MisinformationMisinformation.jpg

Choose up to 2 cards in an opponent’s discard pile and place them on top of their deck in any order. Uh…why? Now I know I am nowhere near the best player out there, but why would I want to do this? This might be some secret combo piece I am missing out on, but I just really do not understand what the point of this is. If I could do this to myself, maybe I could see the point, but I just do not like this card.



Top Wildcard: Order 66Order 66.jpg

2 Points for a great removal card and 4 additional cards in my deck? Sign me up. This plot is interesting, thematic, and potent. I cannot wait to get this card and start plotting against the Jedi.




Bottom Wildcard: Any Means NecessaryAny Means Necessary

So this plot on the other hand is a waste of 2 points. Remove a bounty hunter die, deal a damage, or more if you have three bounties on that character. Stop trying to make bounties happen FFG. They’re not going to happen. I feel like Scott had something there for his Convergence top and bottom because I am fully on board with the bounty hate train. They’re not worth the slot in my deck, they don’t do enough, and they annoy me.



Bonus…Best Artwork goes to……Han Solo.jpg

Something about this Old Swindler just puts a smile on my face…





Worst Artwork goes to….Gideon Hask.jpg

Shrek after drinking the Happily Ever After Potion in Shrek 2…

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