Scott’s Top and Bottom from SoH


Worst: YodaYoda

But how can Yoda be the worst character in the set?! I mean objectively he isn’t, but if we all just beat on Wicket we’d get arrested for animal abuse/murder. So I’m going to talk about Yoda, who could have been great, if he weren’t Yoda.

Once you hit 18pts+ for Elite FFG seems to run into issuing designing characters. Once you hit that cost you’ve got to have impactful dice and a strong ability because you take up so much real estate in the squad. Yoda feels short there.

1 Melee and 1 Shield are not sides you want to be seeing on an 18pt character. They just do not pull their weight at that point cost, especially the one Shield.

Half his ability is great, but the apprentice thing is a gimmick.

If Yoda weren’t Yoda he’d likely have a blank and a 2 Melee side instead of the 1 Melee. Yoda would have a better die making that trade. But since he is Yoda, he apparently has to have no blanks.

Like I said Yoda would be better if he were just not Yoda.

Best: C3POc3po

I wanted to get cute with this pick, but there is no beating around the bush with this one. Even before he gets to his ability, he’s already solid for his cost. His ability is added value to any dice side, it’s amazing. His only downside is his health and that you want R2, but I’m going to shrug at those downsides.

Military Camp be damned.



Worst: Talisman of ResurrectionTalisman

Look I get it. Some people think that anything with a 2-resource side has got to be good. After-all everyone talks about Entourages resource side being absurd right? That’s only because it also has 3 damages sides as well.

A 3-cost upgrade that can only go on relatively low health blue characters needs to do more then “support”. This doesn’t do that. Taking 2 rounds of preferred resolves to get +1 resource is bad.

It’s even bad in limited because it has to go on a Witch, and no you aren’t putting it on a Clawdite after activating it.

Troll with it in casual, because that’s what it is a troll Legendary. A bad troll at that.

Best: AdmiralAdmiral.jpg

Look, I get that it is an expensive proposition. 3 cost and then pay 2 more on top of that to ready a character? You need a pretty decent bank to support that, but resources aren’t that hard to come by anymore.

I think you’re better off ignoring its ability to ready a vehicle given the current risky proposition that is playing Mods. Getting 3 activations from one character in a turn is something I have to feel is worth a look.

But what character? There are a few interesting options and lots of future Leaders to come out for sure. Maybe a proper General Kenobi? Or Skywalker?

Things to beware of; Admiral can ready any character not just that Admiral, it is non-unique so you can be doubly Admiral or overwrite an Admiral with an Admiral.


Worst: Qui-Gon Jinn’s SpiritQGJ Spirit

I really want to not put this here. This type of card is something Blue Hero needs desperately especially as FFG further doubles down on Shields as the Hero mechanic while giving Villain novel unique mechanics. But while Chief Chirpa’s Hut is objectively worse, QGJ Spirit means FFG is less likely to revisit this type of thing.

First, a +2 Shield side? What the hell is that? Is it necessary to make it harder to get value from Shields sides?

Second, it’s Special. Requiring a shuffle in to get any value is what makes this earn it’s spot here in my view. It didn’t need to be that way. The shuffle could have been just for the damage effect. Hell, you could have had no shuffle effect. But giving this support another “blank” (except when you’re ready to throw) in addition to an actual blank and the above mentioned +2 shield side just torpedoes the value here.

The restriction with Qui-Gon kind of sucks too. I get it from a thematic sense for sure, but this could have been a generic Jedi Spirit. I guess restrictions are the unique Hero mechanic.

It really just is that Hero needs this type of thing and this is just “fine”.

Best: Canto Bight SecurityCanto Bight Security.jpg

3 black damage side? Sure. Relevant other sides? Awesome. Anti-mill ability? Woo

This set is pretty average on the support front so a solid role-player like this with upside makes it to the top of my list.

You won’t hate paying for it, and you’ll love the times you get it for free. Though you will 100% cry when it gets milled from your deck.

In limited take it and mock Dooku.


Worst: Practice Makes PerfectPractice makes Perfect.jpg

Why can’t it just turn the die!

I get it, it’s a limited format card. But seriously I don’t want to sit there and watch someone re-roll a die 5 times.




Best: CounterintelligenceCounterintel.jpg

Good 0 cost events are Villains bread and butter (in addition to over efficient supports and really good characters). The clear best event from last set was Forsaken so might as well go to the 0 cost Villain side for this set. Desperate Measures could easily occupy this slot, probably should. But I’m going with the card that gets Villain an easy out of DM.

You want to play Fist and Megas? The one thing you must avoid is a same round DM. If either stick on the table for at least 1 round, then all of a sudden, you’ve gotten enough value from it to validate its cost. Counterintelligence is an easy way to make that occur. You push DM off for a round to swing that value proposition in your favor. You may even buy yourself enough time to get an Embargo down to prevent it next round.

Getting to see your opponent’s hands for free and push off any event is really really good. What else would we expect from 0 cost Villain events?


Worst: Hero Blue Uncommons

I realized when I was sorting my boxes, that I had more Uncommon Hero cards then I had Common Hero cards. I thought that seems strange, until I checked the DB are realized there are 8 different Hero uncommons. By contrast there are 9 Villain uncommons total. This happened last set with Villain Yellow, and it’s just weird.

To make matters worse outside of Jedi Mind Trick they range from meh to terrible.

I don’t know what makes a card a common or uncommon. Why in some sets one sub-faction gets way more then others. No clue. But it seems as if in the Convergence Block if you get all the uncommons, it’s probably a bad sign.

Best: Dead or AliveDead or Alive

I shat on bounties hard last set. I was right they deserved it. Luckily FFG actually printed some that do something other then when you get a kill. That’s what needed to occur for bounties and Bounty Hunters to have a shot at being a thing. And that’s what Dead or Alive is.

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