Episode 34: Snokin Hot Mess

Jack Scott and Tommy go through Jack’s time at the VA and CT regionals. Jack busted out Snoke Tarkin for a 2nd place finish so they give thoughts if this deck can stick around and what are some ways we can combat Vader. Scott goes on another rant about OP and tokens all while disconnecting for a little. We are glad to be back!

Episode 33: Family Friendly

Jack, Tommy and Scott all come together to discuss the regional results from this past weekend. Scott becomes the reigning champion for “Most Time Bleeped Out”. They close out with some thoughts as you begin to prep for regionals when January rolls around!

Episode 32: When The Man Comes Around

Jack is joined by PAXU Day 1 winner Eldis! Oh and Shane… They go through his reason for running his deck and how some of his games played out, along with a quick shout to his 5-1 day on Sunday. After that they dive into the busy week of FFG dropping the updated Holocron and announcement of the new set!

Episode 31: Shane Wasn’t There

Jack and Scott recap how Pax Unplugged went, from the event itself, to how the GQ was ran and eventually talking about the implications of the results going forward. Will Thrawn and Snoke continue to dominate? Will Armored Reinforcement dominate Trilogy? They both give their thoughts on the meta moving into regional season.

Episode 30: Galactic Qualifiers

Jack and Scott are joined this week by Steve from Cascade Games. We get to recap how the first year went and get some insight into what the future are for GQs! If you are planning to go to one coming up you will be excited to hear all the new formats and restructuring that is being done!

Episode 29: Across the Galaxy

This week Tommy and Scott sit down and talk all about the upcoming set, Across the Galaxy! They discuss what legendaries they hope to pull on release day and what decks they think will start to pop up once the set drops. With that they discuss cards they are excited to try out in new decks.

Episode 28: Pepe Silvia

This week we have Jack and Scott/Shane hosting as they are joined by Ray from Jackalmen Games. They recap how they did at CAPA Cup this past weekend, both in the standard tournament and the Battle Royale event. They wrap up this talk by figuring out who each Golden Dice member would be if they were an Always Sunny in Philadelphia character.

Episode 27: AARP Club

Tommy and Scott hold the down the fort this week as they dive into back and knee pains as they age. From there they go into the new spoilers that FFG dropped this week and their expectations for them. We wrap up by getting excited for CAPA Cup this weekend and talk about our new tokens coming out!

Episode 26: CAPA Cup

This week Jack and Tommy are jonied from Adam who runs the CAPA Cup which is a FFG Star Wars event. They host Destiny, Legion, X-Wing, Armada and Imperial Assualt. Adam dives into how this all got started, what he is looking forward to and some advice for anyone who might try to put on an event like this in their community. You can find more information out at capacup.net

Episode 25: NOVA Recap

Finally! Another Golden Dice episode! Jack is joined by Scott this week as we officially introduce him to the team. We dive into a short NOVA recap as we talk about these 13 point blue characters. All of this is followed by spoiler talk and expectations of these cards!

Episode 24: I Don’t Know What, Dude

This week Jack and Tommy are joined by BobbySapphire from The Hyperloops. They discuss his recent showing at GenCon and how great his team did, diving into all the build-up that he had to the tournament and how essential having a good team is. They eventually ramble about Aphra again but as NOVA approaches this is a great episode to listen to!

Episode 23: An Impostor

Shane and Tommy host this week’s episode with a special guest in Scott! They dive into their recent Store Championships followed by some GenCon talk. They wrap it up by talking some spoilers while Scott fires shots at Shane and Tommy.

Episode 22: The Sun Rises

Jack and Tommy are finally back to record after a crazy July! They dive right into their past Store Championship where they both finished 3-2. They top it off with their thoughts on the current meta and where it is at. Shane is of course roasted as well.

Episode 21: Two Shields

Jack and Tommy discuss the upcoming release of Way of the Force. They talk about what they want to pull and what they expect to see in the early WoF meta. Towards they end they answer some patreon questions along with realizing there are eight dice in this set with two shield sides!

Episode 20: Spectre 6

Jack and Shane discuss all the new spoilers. Jack is happy his wish came true in getting a Jedi Ezra and his lightsaber. Shane drools over anything that isn’t blue. Really a great episode talking about the spoilers from FFG, Hyperloops, RebelSpy and RebelGrey.

Episode 19: Building a Community

This week Jack and Tommy are joined by a very special guest, Zach Bunn! They talk about Zach’s world experience with Han/Rey and dive into the spoilers that were revealed by Team Covenant this past week. They round out the conversation by diving into some good ways to build your local community. Zach has done a fantastic job in Tulsa and you will get to hear all his great ideas and what has worked in his local scene! Oh, and Tommy turns into Bane at the end.

Episode 18: A Complete Trainwreck

Jack is joined by both Tommy and Shane this week. They get around to talking Destiny at some point but they really just make fun of their friends and talk about Rob Lowe.

Episode 17: World’s Recap

Jack is back from World’s 2018! He is joined by Shane as he recaps his journey to a Top 16 finish. Along with some thoughts on FFG’s lack of reaction to misplays. They wrap the show up with talking about some spoilers that were shown this past week!

Episode 16: #RallyAid

Jack is joined by Tommy this week as we talk about all the buzz surrounding Artificery and #RallyAid. They give their thoughts on the state of the game. We wrap up our “World’s Hype” by talking about all the mono-blue hero decks.

Episode 15: Double Roast

Jack and Shane are joined by JediGeekGirl from I Rebel. They jump into analyzing Hero Mill and look at Hondo decks with both Yoda and Poe. To wrap it up we make some predictions about what we think will be at worlds and even what will win it. Oh, and we make fun of Shane.

Episode 14: Bait & Switch

Jack is joined by Tommy this week as they get to dive right into the updated Holocron and Rules Reference. They go through all the changes, not just the erratas. They top the episode off with analyzing Boba/7th and Sabine/X in prep for worlds. Warning: This episode is full of bad jokes by Tommy.

Episode 13: Hasta La Vista, Regionals

Jack is joined by Shane as we break down the winning, runner-up, top 4 and top 8 of regionals to see how it all played out. As this is likely the meta going into Worlds we figured this would be a great piece of information to look at heading into May. They also recap their first trilogies tournament and how Shane is a bully. We round it off by analyzing the power of Kylo2 with Anakin and Talzin along with looking at the Obi-Wan/Maz decks running around.

Episode 12: The Host We Need, Not Deserve

Tommy is back! He is excited and ready to roll. Him and Jack talk about the past weekend’s regionals but then dive straight into meta talk as Jack starts to prep for worlds. They are going to be analyzing a few meta decks and how to counter them each week starting off with brOTk and Hero Vehicles.

Episode 11: Seasonal Kits

Jack is again joined by Shane, Golden Dice’s official merch boy. Jack recaps his regional in Connecticut before they dive in to how Shane actually went to a weekly tournament. Finally they wrap up with the big news FFG put out there with the new season kits for Destiny. And something else I think?….

Episode 10: Sound The Alarm

This week Jack and Shane are joined by Mr. Chip from Discard to Reroll. Jack and Chip dive into their regional at Rochester. You’ll hear all about how Jack stayed in a murder-hotel and how he scammed a friend to drive 6 hours to a regional with him. We realize Chip is Jack’s dad and that Chip is now terrified of Jawas. They both go through their rounds and give advice to anyone with upcoming regionals.

Episode 9: The Replacement

This week Jack is joined by Shane as Tommy has a week off since he had a kid! Congrats to him! Jack and Shane break down a Legacies draft they had this past week. Along with shifting gears to Jankku Jankyard as Shane introduces another crazy idea for a deck. What if I told you that you could use Partnership with One With The Force? Well tune it to figure out what Shane is even talking about! Lastly they wrap up talking about some of the winning decks at this past weekend’s regionals along with mentioning what Jack is looking to bring to his upcoming regional in Maryland!

Episode 8: Pizza Pies

This week Jack makes some pie charts, then calls them pizza charts, to discuss the current state of the meta. It shows the breakdown of decks in top 8, characters in top 8 and hero/villain spread in the top 8. Tommy couldn’t believe Jack forgot “Bait & Switch” was a card. *Also there were 14 villain decks in the Top 8 bringing the total to 34 villain decks, not 21. Jack can’t count. He just likes pizza.

Episode 7: Boonton Eve Classic

Jack and Tommy are joined by Rebel Grey this week as Tommy and Rebel talk about how they did at the regional in NJ. We dive into how the meta is shaping out and our thoughts on this is a healthy meta.

Episode 6: Jankku Jankyard

Join Jack and Tommy as they begrudgingly let Tommy’s brother Shane onto the show. They discuss several different decks that appeareded in top 8’s of several regionals. Along with a new segment called “Jankku Jankyard” where Shane comes up with a deck that you probably won’t see at your regional.

Episode 5: More Than a Businessman

Join Jack and Tommy this week as they break down a few decks from the regional at Portland and dive a bit into 7th/Tarkin that won a regional in Canada. Hondo seems to be popping up a bit but they both feel the meta is in a good spot and excited to see what the upcoming weekend brings.

Episode 4: Drafting, Texas, and Oreos

Jack and Tommy are joined this week by Sugi from the Knights of Ren podcast! They talk all about draft, making cubes and how to promote it to your community. Then they dive into the most recent Legacies regionals and cap everything off by mentioning oreos.

Episode 3: Testing, Testing

Join Jack and Tommy this week as we recap a Legacies draft and talk about our first local tournament. We will talk about the decks we ran along with the winning deck. Then Tommy dives a bit into how he will start to prep for his regional that will be here in 3 weeks.

Episode 2: Empire at War Swan Song

Check out this weeks episode as we discuss the EaW meta and how it shaped out. Breaking down 10 different regionals top 8, 4, 2 and winners. We also close out by talking about our first night of opening Legacies boxes and the decks we made.

Episode 1

Join Jack and his guest Tommy as they introduce themselves a bit and talk about Legacies. All from their expectations, favorite cards and what legendaries they hope to pull. Plus some talk about Draft at the end.