Origins Trilogy GQ

I had pretty much resigned myself to not playing in any competitive events in the Convergence meta at all after FFG announced that primes would be coming late September and store champs were being put on the back burner. Lo and behold, my phone lights up to a text from Jack saying “wow I wish I was going to origins.” I shared the sentiment and closed my phone. Not two minutes later, Jack again, “so you up for a road trip? Wednesday to Friday? I think I can do it.” I laughed and thought he was joking. Another few minutes go by, another text from Jack telling me all the things he moved around and asked if I was in. I shrugged and thought…yeah alright. Doesn’t take much to convince me to spend time and money on Destiny.

So anyway after a few hours of scrambling to make some decks, Jack and I head out to our ~7.5 hour drive to Columbus, Ohio. (Quick shout out to all the other content creators out there who just dropped a cast because it definitely made the trip a little easier to stomach).

Feeling pretty ambivalent about my chances at scoring a seat to worlds after having maybe two reps with Phasma/FOST AT, I figured I’d have some fun, score some spots and hopefully watch my buddy score a seat that he so badly desired.

Alright enough of that crap though let’s talk some Destiny.

This is a pretty standard build of trilogies Phasma. Nothing flashy. Very straightforward. Power action in your trooper die, roll in Phasma. Smack your opponent for about nine or more a round and call it a day. Let me preface this by saying: I realize that winning an eighteen person Galactic Qualifier is not nearly as impressive as winning a 60+ person regional or nationals etc. As someone who just wanted to have some fun, play some destiny, and support a friend, I say to you, shhhhh let me have this.

ROUND 1: ePadme/Satine/Naboo Palace Guard

I sat down to my first round to a friendly guy from Vancouver who told me he and his four or so buddies are splicing decks together and he took most of the good stuff. Fair enough. My game plan here was to burst down elite Padme as best I can. After dropping the megablaster troopers and rolling out nearly max damage every turn I had won my first round.

ROUND 2: ePhasma/Trooper AT

Round two was a mirror of the same deck so in the slap fight I managed to again drop the MT down and slap just a smidge harder. A good match, but I was able to get the rolls I needed before my opponent could, simple as that.

ROUND 3: eWat/eWatto/Clawdite

Round three was against the recently popular Wat Watto Clawdite. The game plan here for me was to wipe away Wat as fast as I could. And I’m a few short actions I had done that and then some. I had ramped and outpaced my opponent, who saw little mitigation and could not keep up with the damage output.

So here we were. The judge says, “Hey, I don’t want to panic you or anything but this is it. Next round the winner takes the seat, they will be the last undefeated.” At this point, Jack is also 2-0 and finishing his last game. I look over at him and watch him shake hands with a smile on his face. Simultaneous realizations poured over me. Awesome! Jack is about to get his seat. Awesome! I’m about to get my seat. Wait a minute…


Round four, the final round against Jack, on Wat Watto Sentinel. I knew how this was going to go. Not well for me. We ran this all night before because Jack doesn’t ever settle on a deck until maybe 7am the morning of. He had continuously smacked me with this mad scientist deck he threw together. (At one point he had two Mind Extractions included…the madlad) The kitchen table was littered with all kinds of trash, but hey we both made it to the final round, so who am I to judge?

I methodically picked off Wat first, then Watto. I had a couple health left total at this point, and it was anyone’s game really. After rolling in my dice and showing lethal on the Messenger, Jack’s only hope was an Electroshock, but no yellow character to spot. So what had originally been a trip along to watch my friend hopefully claim his seat, I had earned my own! A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. Luckily for Jack, his second chance came the next day, and you can read all about that in Jacks article tomorrow….

Thanks for reading, and reaching out to congratulate me on Twitter and discord if you did. I enjoyed the trip, and listening to all the new casts that came out over the week (although I DEFINITELY don’t listen to Discard to Reroll). Until next time!

⁃ Brian

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