Uncover the Conspiracy Spoiler Review

Spoilers! You know the routine, let’s dive right in.

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Jango Fett – YUMMY. Coming in at a very reasonable 12/14 cost with 11 health, Jango means business. His dice sides are very close to his Awakenings version, but costing 2 less points makes that a whole lot easier to swallow. his ability allows you to play unlimited equipment upgrades on him, and still have 3 other upgrades as well. On top of that, the first time each round you drop an equipment on this boi, you get a dollar back which is really really legit. There are some decent equipment cards out there right now, such as: Mandalorian Jetpack, Mandalorian Vambraces, and Riot Shield. So a well costed character(who is obviously a bounty hunter) with solid die sides, great health, and a really good ability. I think I am in love.

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Gauntlet Rockets – Here is another equipment option that hits quite a bit harder than the others. 3 cost upgrades now a days have been underwhelming for me, and this is leaving me somewhere between underwhelmed and normally whelmed. 4 damage sides is nice on any card, and a 2 disrupt side is never laughed at. It having a bounty hunter only play restriction is cool, cause we know bounty hunters need some love. The ability is what is leaving me underwhelmed, because of how bad bounties currently are. IF (and its a big if) they come out with some more bounties that playable, then this card is a lot more valuable. being able to focus your own die, even if you can only turn it to the 2 damage is still pretty good. Sure it is slow because it takes an extra action and gives them a clear window of removal, but free focus is never a bad thing. In a Jango deck I think you include this simply because you can get a dollar back from it, essentially making it a pseudo 2 cost upgrade.

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Execute Order 66 – Finally we get a card with this name. Looking at this off the bat and thinking you would play this in any deck (especially right now with where blue hero is) is laughable, but for 2 you can remove ALL jedi dice and then deal some serious damage based on that to the matching characters. Some serious anti- jedi hate but it makes a lot more sense when we get to the next card.

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Order 66 – This plot is pretty weird. So for 2 points you actually give the jedi subtype to all of your opponent’s characters (which just sounds weird thematically but I guess we can go with it?). Then before you draw your starting hand you shuffle 4 of those Execute Order 66 bad boys into your deck. That 2 cost removal got a lot better. This combo could see some play in a mid-range meta but in a heavy support meta, having a bunch of character dice removal for 2 doesn’t seem super strong. However against Mill, it is interesting to add 4 cards to your deck total, allowing you last a little bit longer before they can get their win condition met. Overall this is a pretty interesting concept and I am not sure it will see much play besides some casual theme games, but we will see.

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Chancellor’s Edict – A new bounty that I don’t entirely hate! I believe this is the first non-yellow bounty, and it’s pretty decent. Firstly, you get a free Intimidate out of it, by removing all shields from attached character. Then once the character is defeated, you can assign 2 shields to whatever character you want. As far as bounties go so far, this one is solid. It being blue is interesting, and I am sure Assaj is happy. But it is kind of annoying if you are trying to make a mono yellow deck and this bounty would fit nicely only it is outside of your color.

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Chain Lightning – Damage out of hand always has the potential to be really good. 1 resource for 1 damage is underwhelming, but 2 resources for 3 split damage is actually pretty good. The problem here is there is no guarantee your opponent has another character with the same subtype, unless you are running Order 66 and made all their characters jedi. This card also loses value once your opponent is down to just 1 character. There a few downsides to this card but again out of hand damage is nothing to take lightly so it could see some play depending on the meta.

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Rally the Troops – This card can be played a lot of different ways. Firstly, you can name a subtype your opponent has and use this as soft removal. Or if you share subtypes with your opponent it can be used as soft removal and some rerolls for you simultaneously. Another possibility is you can resolve two of your dice that share a subtype, which could be some surprise damage either from a focus side or from two different types of damage being resolved simultaneously. As you can see there’s a lot of options here, so I kind of like this card. The problem with it is that it will rarely be consistent, and you’ll need to find the best opportunities to use it, as opposed to other cards that have a job and do that job every time you play it.

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Seizing Territory – I love me some troopers so I definitely like this card. Being able to take control of the battlefield just because you have a trooper for free is awesome, and getting ambush on top of that is just gravy. This will be really nice with Seize the Day, which requires you to have the battlefield in order to get those extra actions. I think this is a very solid card that could see some play in a few decks, plus to top it all off, the art work is SICK.

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Sinister Ruse – This card is pretty straight forward, and has some potential for damage out of hand. The problem here is the same problem that existed with cards like this previously. This is dependent on what your opponent has in his hand, and if he has a hand. Sure if you hit a big 4 or 5 cost this feels great, but most likely you will hit a 0 or 1 and the trade off won’t be worth it. This being an event makes it a lot less telegraphed than the previous characters and supports that did damage based on cards in your opponents hands, but I still don’t see this getting much play.

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Acceptable Losses – What the F$&#!? I am about to sacrifice some ewoks to the golden deity and get me some resources. This card is pretty out there, but I suppose with the introduction of dice-less characters it might find a home? I am not sure about this one.

So tell me what you think. What was your favorite card revealed? To me Jango is the obvious winner but I wanna hear your thoughts on these cards and if you think any will see play. Let me know!




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